CLIMATE WAR Enjoy your illusions while they last ;-)

7 Aug 2023

The Climate war has started properly now,as you maybe have noticed where YOU live or on the media..

 the “military style campaign” for “Climate Change” that Charles the 3rd ordered at the WEF conference of 2020 is now in full swing…

Even though they will tell you it’s actually Mother Nature who is doing this because she doesn’t like your car…

And they know exactly what they are doing… a very professional weather campaign.

The Global weather engineering systems that we have been researching and warning about all this time is now getting very deadly indeed…
(Blocking the sun and the moon with high altitude sprayed nano particles in the atmosphere)

supposedly to “save the planet” from co2 heat as Wild Bill gates wants you to think
(if you believe anything that “thing from the pit” says)

but it’s really to bring about the enforced new world order and make you scared.

The weather weapon is wreaking distruction all over the world now at an increasing rate

Our beloved home-country Slovenia has been hit VERY HARD indeed…
rivers tearing whole pieces from villages all around us because we are in the one of the worst hit regions,
houses and businesses destroyed ,
people dead,
people homeless,
people who have lost everything,
crops ruined…
and it is now supposed to be the summer and the dry season, so nobody was prepared for this attack from the parasites!

But thankfully we have a strong community of good slovenian brother/sisterhood and together we help where we can and do what we can for each other (our neighbours and community are the best!)

We are cut off from the main roads by avalanche and mudmadness, a waterfall now runs where our road used to be! We lost electricity and phone connections and even water for a few days, but everything seems to be online again… as you can see because I’m posting again….and Jenny , Crt and me are alive and fine, but completely cut off from the valleys ,No worries though…we have enough food to last us quite a while , we are not wounded and we managed to rig up a temporary water pipe to our well, which was torn out of the ground by an avalanche (by a miracle our well itself survived!)

we have had avalanches tearing through, Monsoon rain, MONSTER lightning and thunder of an apocalyptic nature…but thankfully all the real horror damage missing our house and most of our gardens. (just a lot of my tobacco plants are fucked the rest is save-able)
we can jump the new waterfall that once was our forest road and walk to our neighbours 2 km away for any help we might need.

All is well, the spirits protect us still…

That’s it for now,

for everybody out there effected by this current campaign in the “CLIMATE WAR”
YOU have our deepest sympathies for your losses, and we hope and pray for the strength and energy to survive and beat this horror as it develops …

Good luck people, Green thingz!

The world is not what it seems,

the illusion of normality is breaking

and Nothing is Sacred… Only Nature


ps: picture taken at the idyllic rocky waterfall that used to be a part of our road…