Congratulations! Well done!

18 Mar 2020

The Most successful climate strike ever!!

As an official representative (and lover) of the living planet, I would like to thank everyone responsible for this AMAZING global climate strike!

This single piece of worldwide corona-terrorism has actually managed to do what countless NGO's (including Saint Greta) have tried and failed for all these years!

For the first time EVER Carbon emissions and airborne pollutants in some of the most disgusting areas of Europe are down!

I never realised this equation:
When monkeys get scared of each other, pollution gets less!

Wow! How about that?

Air travel has slowed to a trickle in much of Europe, there is much less automobile and truck traffic, ocean-destroying ships are confined to harbour, all polluting major mass events are cancelled...

This means that in many big cities people are hearing the birds for the first time and remembering what life is about.
This is great news!

Finally there is something POSITIVE to report about for our dear mother Nature and all her children.

Keep it up guys!
You're doing really well!

I'm normally not a big fan of terrorism and the new world order, but these Corona-guys really kick ass and (more importantly) they're actually getting results!
I'm a fan ;-)

Greenthingz from TERRA OMNIA, wishing you clean air, birdsong and Enjoyment of life!

Shaman Steve Sic