Conspiracy accepters under a pooped-up sky

17 Mar 2023

(living in the twilight zone)

Jenny used to live under the shadow of Schiphol, one of the biggest airports in the world...

We have both lived in various parts of Holland for a long time...

A country who's airspace is extremely full of commercial and military aircraft,
due to it's "international" and 'trading" existence...

So WE know a lot about commercial and military airplanes in the sky...

There were NEVER as many airplanes in the sky there as there are now ...

Here in the wilderness on the edge of the Alps...
The numbers of giant jetplanes crisscrossing and re-crisscrossing the sky has gone MASSIVELY up in the "after Corona" period of supposedly heavily reduced commercial flights...

They are now pumping millions of kilos of toxic-stuff  which settles in the air, poisoning everything, forming weird thin veil like clouds and blocking out the sun and life-energy (infrared spectrum light), so it becomes a hazy... half-life...kind of light... unwholesome like Limbo...  

The 'twilight zone" of the third world war

The world we live in is under MASSIVE ATTACK everyday...

The weather, normal climate and the natural energy is being changed by a "military campaign" ...
(as predicted by "king" Charly the turd at the WEF forum meeting of 2020)

The Carbon-Dioxide pollution story is just a tool for (world) governmental control.
It is also a good excuse to explain the actual climate-changing-shit that is happening for all the lazy, scared and trusting idiots out there who would rather believe obviously corrupt governments and paid corporate sponsored fact-checkers rather than taking the time to deep-search for technical info and look and think for themselves.

There is no escape from this shit, you cannot ignore it, even in the mountains, the planes fly,
the planes poop poison, like demented giant crop dusters, leaving giant trails in the once blue sky.
Different types of trails for different chem-jobs,

slowly dissolving their shit into the air EVERYWHERE in this prison we call society.

The world is being run by pure undiluted EVIL and the joke just gets sicker everyday
(not just fake wars pumping death and horror, derailed chem-trains pumping death and horror, fake race and gender shit making death and horror, and fake vaccine-needles pumping death and horror).

It's mostly your internet connection which pumps the most shit, hatred and death, because it is still distracting you from the truth... and predictively programming you for more horror to come.

It's real

Wake up!

Your life and our little bit of Earth is not your own,
it belongs to some seriously fucked up entities who are playing you like a harp from Hell...

But so few people have the time to SEE, to THINK, to shut off the distractions and notice what is going on

THEY make sure that YOU worry about fake-Terrorists, fake-infectious disease, your bank-account full of fake-money, the kids' oppressive school that they don't really like, your oppressive job that you hate, your friends acting stressed and weird, the brutal and incomprehensable bureaucratic, tax and social rules that are forced on you, your favourite celebrities' made-up problems, your own porn, work or substance addictions ...

While you are distracted, they grow stronger each day.

Ask the people living in East Palestine if they believe in democracy or conspiracy?
(either the "East Palestine" oppressed by the US government, or the "East Palestine" oppressed by the Israeli government...same fucking puppet show)


Only when enough of us are awake and actually SEE that there is War on,
Not like in the Movies (predictive programming propaganda) but a REAL War

Partly physical but mostly Spiritual in nature
A war all about YOUR LIFE ENERGY and YOUR SOUL

When enough people accept this war and the fact that this Reality has become a controlled web of illusion... a mental as well as physical cage...
THEN we can try to turn the tide of oppression
and maybe ... just maybe... we can change the course of this World War 3 we are all living in...

BUT you first have to see and ACCEPT that there IS a problem before you can solve anything at all.

We did, we now accept, we are convinced... we went from being slightly dozy democracy-theorists to fully awake 100% conspiracy fighters.

Jenny and me now live cut off from the world,
we see things that only very few people see,
we live on the edge (both physically and socially)
we have cut ourselves off from the illusion that is destroying the world's soul.

and we try to also wake up YOU

Untill that day,
we keep on learning about the illusions that cage you all and how to avoid them,
we protect the old faith and retain the old knowledge and all that which is Natural,
we do our utmost best to protect our beloved Terra Omnia and her creatures from harm,
we protect and love each other...
and we live on... it goes...

In the Twilight zone

Greenthingz and an Earth Warrior salute to all the awakened!

Shaman Steve Sic and oh-so-wise Jenny
and Črt says hi!