Cooking breakfast on a fire... What is FREEDOM?

21 Jan 2023

When you think about "freedom" you might think of many different things.

To many there is simply the concept of "Slavery"...
which is:
 "I am a slave, being locked up in chains and beaten with whips an' sticks, I have no autonomy over my body and I am being raped physically and /or mentally and forced to do hard work an' stuff which is killing me ... and all of this against my will"   ...  

and when all that horror stops, and you are liberated because of some external factor,
then THAT is called "FREEDOM"

When You are "given your freedom"...

you are not "chained up in a cage" anymore


you "are free"

so to most "FREEDOM" means "the absence of Slavery"

hmmm...?  Is that all it is?

'FREEDOM" is of course a made-up word (like ALL language)
and the concept it represents can mean many different things to many different people...
(depending on what their own personal brainwashing has told them to think about it)

In these times of totalitarian mind-control and brainwashing it can be hard to even define what "Freedom" means because the mind and information confusion brought about by the parasites is changing the very meaning of the words we use from day to day.
(like "a woman" or the words "safe and effective" and "for the common good")

But to me this very special word has always meant:

"to be able to experience your own life
in an enviroment of your own choosing ,
where you can do your own unique thing,
in your own unique way,
each and every day
without anybody forcing you to do otherwise,
or abusing your mind and body against your will"

THAT is what freedom means to me...

So that is actually quite a tall order in this day and age.
Using my definition, how many of us are really "free"?

Let me explain something to you about my (our) life.
Let's take an example

Let's take today...

This morning I woke up with the rising of the sun (as I always do)
I snuggled in bed for a while against a warm sleepy Jenny,
breathing in her comforting scent and feeling at peace
when I became more conscious of the day,
(it's's "saturday"?...possibly?...
it seems to be freezing hard because the bedroom is very cold...
there is about a metre of snow outside the house...
I hear birds getting active...I am waking up...)

So then (still in bed) I did a series of breathing exercises (Tummo) to get my body going.
I got up, crept downstairs and quietly started setting up my day,
by first making a fire in the stove and then in the hearth  (our house is heated with only woodfires)
going out in the snow in my dressing gown to fetch more wood for the fires.
(I prefer walking bare-foot, also in the snow around the house to "activate" my system feels GREAT!)

I feed and water our chickens (who do NOT like all this white cold stuff around their house!)

Then I strip off and take a quick naked jump into the snow for a couple of minutes and then back inside for some stretches and a bit of yoga.

When I cook my breakfast, I first think about what I'm going to make, and if it needs heat I will cook it on the stove (free energy!), the little woodstove is burning our own wood from our own forest, which we also collected and chopped ourselves.

Today there is coffee!
Made in a proper italian old fashioned non-technological, non barrista-bullshit coffeemaker,
one cup of coffee is an imported luxury from foreign shores which we allow ourselves
(only once a day maximum, because coffee is a highly addictive and unhealthy drug which you should always use with caution)
Some hot oatmilk in it... warmed on the stove ...for free!
Breakfast drugggggsssss!

For food, today there is a home-made rye pancake,
risen with our own sourdough culture called "Iain" ***
the pancake is made with local rye & spelt, our own carrots, apples, winter onions and
flavoured with "boerenjongens" which are raisins soaked and stored in our own (homemade) brandy,
all that is mixed and fried in a very old-school handmade copper pan...
The recipe is my own, which I made up on the spot, like I do on most days
(ah! the joys of "chaos cooking")

I then add a glass of home-pressed, homegrown apple juice to form a trio of goodness
and take my selfmade gains to a comfy place by the fire, to sit there with an inspirational book  and break my fast ;-)  
(this is about two and a half hours after first waking, I have no hurry, I have all the time in the world)

I left jenny to sleep longer today, just because she felt like sleeping longer,
and in the life we lead now, which is a life of natural freedom, this is all perfectly ok,
it is normal ... it is healthy....
so she will make her own feast of yummy goodness when she arises as I'm munching my pancake (which was very fecking good btw!)

Of course Jenny first does all the breathing exercises , stretchy, move and cold thing as well in the morning PLUS she added a cold shower today to exite the endolphins!  (cool huh?)

Because we are getting more and more  "into that ice-thing"!  
(thank you for that Wim Hof)

We do all this stuff, in this way, because these are


done by


having a


and this makes us feel ALIVE!

This is what OMNIA is all about...

so, end-conclusion of this little story is:

Freedom is cooking your own breakfast on your own wood on your own fire with your own food, prepared in your own way, during your own time for your own health and and your own happiness.

And of course many of you may (and will) disagree with me about this and talk about all sorts of abstract concepts peppered with political, spiritual or philosophical claptrap...
They could quote cliches about "land of the free" and made up bullshit about "freedom comes with a price" and shizzle like that

But that kind of talk really won't work for me...

because I know nothing
I am nobody
I obviously have no respect for the laws and rules of the owners of whatever land you happen to inhabit,

I am but a simple nature-man

I need but a few simple things in this life

You see,

This is because I am free...

and that is what I wish for you to be

Hugs and Peace

Shaman Steve Sic

ps: the sourdough is called "Iain"  because of Iain M Banks and his "the culture"...

pps: sorry for the crap picture, but I was cooking so I didn't want to bother with too much skilled photography stuff, as that would have been a little too "black mirror" for me...

ppps: Jenny just ran out of the house naked and dived into the snow again! It's -3 degrees celcius outside...  I can see her through the window now, rubbing freezing snow all over herself and smiling at the same time.
Ha! life is good!
THAT would have been a nice picture to post for you here!