Creative Chaos and Change!

13 May 2018

We're sad to tell you that Rob and Daphyd will be leaving the OMNIA band this year, we would like to thank them for adding their musical skills to OMNIA these last 7 years and we wish them all the best with "Thundercrow" :-)

BUT, what does that mean for OMNIA?

Well...listen... This year we will only play on one festival, which takes place in two countries! (Czechia and Germany) and because this is such a special occasion for us, we want to celebrate this "one time only" ritual show by doing something VERY special that we've been wanting to do for years!

(I know we always do something special at FM and we have done many weird new things with many different people there over the years, but this time we're REALLY gonna blow your mind!)

OMNIA is going to be playing with some of our oldest and dearest friends from some of our favourite bands! (who also happen to be amongst the most talented musicians we know!)
At the moment we are having a great time getting the special "OMNIA band collective" together and dreaming about artistic possibilities, but we are going to keep it a surprise what you will see on stage with us there... although some of YOU can probably guess at least a few of the musicians that we are going to be collaborating with to make the deeply moving, most Pagan Shamanic OMNIA show EVER!

So... in As (Cz) 1st september 2018 and Selb (D) 7th of september 2018 you are going to get an OMNIA show like you've never seen it before!
Stenny surrounded by a whole bunch of our musick friends to create a special Celebration of Life, Art and PaganFolk Musick as a fun project for us and as a big thank you to Festival Mediaval and all it's years of support for OMNIA!

Because Rob and Daphyd would really prefer to invest all their time in developing more shows for their own Duo project "Thundercrow",they have decided that they won't be joining this big OMNIA musick collective performing at Festival Mediaval.
They wrote this message for you:

Rob and Daphyd's parting letter to the OMNIA Fans :-)

It's been a great 7 years, but now sadly it’s time for us to say goodbye to OMNIA.
Now the last theater tour has finished, and Stenny's sabbatical has started we think it’s a good time to split our ways and go on our seperate paths.
Stenny is looking for land this year and playing a lot less with the band, Joe is ok with this, but we are really looking for more live shows to play.

That is why we will carry on playing as a duo in "Thundercrow" but we would like to show our gratitude for all the great years of having the chance to share in the OMNIA stages and family and fans around the world:

first of all, A big THANK YOU to all the OMNIA fans for the hugs, pictures, the gifts, positive energy and all your endless support! You made this all possible, so thank you for all the great moments!

A big THANK YOU to Jenny's parents, Ans & Hans at Dreamharps for all the great hospitality during practice sessions over the years with OMNIA. It is really appreciated! We love you!

A big THANK YOU to all the photographers and filmcrews over the years who made it possible for us to show the people everywhere what we did on stage. (Special thanks to Kees, Erwin and Bernd).

We hope to see each other again on our ThunderCrow adventure!
Greetings, Rob and Daphyd.

We're gonna miss Daphyd and Rob, but we understand their decision and wish them all the best with their own Music project ThunderCrow

And the OMNIA Musick just goes on and on!


I got so much mixed feeling about this... I am so sad at the same time I am excited for the furture. I really wished that I got more chances to see you but I am happy for the one I got in Zoetermeer. Everything changes and I am happy with what I got to see from Daphyd and Rob and their roles in Omnia through the years, in videos on YouTube and the cds. It sad to say goodbye to them from Omnia but the path takes them further with ThunderCrow. I wish them the best :)
I love you guys!

the road goes on and on...

Will there be a new didgeridoo dude/ drummer?

I had already seen this whole feeling was like goodbye for over a year now and was finally confirmed for me by listening to your new cd which sounded like a kind of farewell...also before it was official a few days ago. Friends were telling me I was like some kind of worst case scenario-teller, but my feelings never misled me in the past, unfortunately, I have a gut feeling for that. I hope this is not the end of it all and it will go on somehow - and that, one day, we will all see each other again under some beautiful trees, celebrating nature and life with your music!

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