Damien Raven is flying out of the OMNIA nest... snif!

21 Jul 2013
Damien Raven is flying out of the OMNIA nest

Yes folks.. Today marks the end of a legend... Damien the OMNIA Roadie is leaving the gang ... He will be working his last gig with OMNIA today and tomorrow at the MPS Bückeburg and then he'll hang up his black OMNIA Crew jacket for the last time so that he can go back to school to study and become even more intelligent and wise than he already is :-)

The whole gang and especially Jenny and me will really miss him, It's strange to have your own son in your band crew for so long , but it's an experience I can heartily recommend to all musicians! Well people...OMNIA wishes Damien all the best and this weekend we'll party together for the last time extra Hard OMNIA style!!  although I do hope that Damien will find the time to drop by at a few gigs in the future for 'ol times sake!... fly Raven dude... Fly!  
If any of you wanna say goodbye to him then drop by at the MPS tomorrow or else just drop your farewell comments on our facebook page or the guestbook !!!  

XXX Stenny