Dangerous "Democracy Theories”!

13 Sep 2023

How far can too far go?

So guys ...the WAR on NATURE is really getting silly now...
And all these "Democracy-theories"  being spread on the internet are a serious and dangerous threat to the fight against evil...

It's interesting to see how far the insanity can go in the controlled and traumatised minds of the "obedient and confused masses" sucking up their government programming ... (Govern=Control... Ment=Mind... mind control anyone?)

I stand in awe at the rank and blind gullibility of the herds of soft, compliant, "internet addicts/users" that have been trained to sit up and beg and sing "baaaaah!" when they are told to by their masters.

Those sad people that believe the many crazy "democracy theories" out there and so blindly obey the "NEWish" world order... no matter how illogical or destructive.

I am afraid that many people do not realise the danger of spreading these dangerous and legal-fallacies and so spreading this false idea that there is a world wide "DEMOCRACY" out there!
(instead of the more usual top-secret closed meetings of the military, the multinationals and the Bilderbergs etc...ie: conspiracies of military/industrial complex criminals dictating what will happen. )

These poor easily fooled unpractical "common people" are being fooled into actually believing there is a fantastic, benevolent, safety-system called "society" out there, ruled by "government"  that is chosen by the "common people" and made to take care of and protect the "common people"...  It's silly I know that contrary to all the facts those poor deluded fools still believe this rubbish, but there it is...

here are some of the wackier theories for you to laugh at!

1: There is a "democracy theory" that government keeps us and the land we inhabit in optimum condition for the good of all!
(you and your land are sicker now than ever before and the environment and your health is being destroyed on an industrial scale)

2: There is a "democracy theory" that government is there to protect us from harm, and keep us all happy and content!
(there has never been a more stressed out, burned out, depressed, confused and suicidal world as this one)

3: There is a "democracy theory" that government especially protects our children from harm and lets them play and grow in safety and health.
(child trafficking, sexual abuse, child labour, child cancer, child soldiers and overall child-abuse is at an all time high now)

4: There is a "democracy theory" that governments and world-banks help to equalise the difference between rich and poor and to protect us from financial crisis... so that we all have enough to live and have enough free time to enjoy it in...
(errrr? ...aren't all the ultra rich getting richer?... the richest billionaires doubling their net-worth during the last few years?...  How about the fact that everybody else out there is working their asses off for longer and longer periods , while prices are sky-rocketing and people are NOT even able to pay the bare necessities of life without going into debt...)

5: There is a "democracy theory" that ALL governments , acting together through the "United Nations" (the actual world order) have stopped war and famine and have made great and fair trade agreements etc so that we ALL have a
happy "hands around the world" cooperation of happy happy multi coloured, multi-sexual , multi religious people working together happily... keeping happy peace in a safe and joyous world where we are all happy, safe and protected and where whales can swim free and panda's frolic without fear and unicorns poop rainbows...
(gods! i couldn't finish writing that bit without having to puke a little bit... because, the world which is really being run by the "UN" billionaire mafia gang  is a huge bloody mess, poverty is terrible, famine and toxic pollution (promoted as virusses)  kill so many people , while the "U.N.-PEACE-FORCES" run mafia-like businesses in artificially made "war zones" to rape, murder, pillage and sell drugs, run prostitution rackets while doing child trafficking on the side...ahem.  
oh yes!... fun fact!...the United Nations "PEACE" forces are are actually made up for the largest part out of ETHIOPEAN EX-child soldiers, "freedom fighters" and MERCENARIES... just like that evil dick that runs the WHO...what a great bunch of lads!... eh Joe?)

Those poor little deluded democracy-theorists hugging their little "personal" computers and "smart"- phones actually believe that they themselves are in control of all this shit, no matter how stupid or dangerous it gets...

  They look away from what is happening and laugh at the latest tiktok or flipping flicker or X post ("X"?? really? it's just got called "X" now and people still dare to use it? and don't notice how fecking weird that is...jesus...how far can too far go?)

but ofcourse what can you expect from a bunch of pitifull trans-humanist promoting, mask-wearing, poison sucking, "head in the sand" democracy-theorists, right?  

bunch of bloody loonies the lot of them!

And now...

it just got worse...

Now the TREES themselves are ALSO evil and causing climate change...

really...  I couldn't believe it when I heard...but yes

according to "the Science" as propagated by the NewYork Times ....

"Trees are not our climate friends"

Trees are not good for our world but are actually causing terrible climate change by being alive
so there is now a serious proposal to end this bad situation by ...yes...killing trees

(a suggestion supposedly made by that old favourite world order front-woman "Bill" Gates)

There is an actual proposal to cut down billions of trees and bury them in the ground to help save the planet and her rainforests from the deadly CO2... sigh... cognitative dissonance anyone?

I'm not sure how long they will keep up this particular "evil tree" narrative,
(they throw "war on bla bla bla whatever" stories around like party favours so it could be "aliens are coming!!!" next week)

maybe it's all just to cause even more confusion and strife and conflict and frustration (it's probably working!)

Maybe this is just to keep us occupied while they prepare the next weather weapon attack, earthquake assault, or fire from the sky storm...

maybe it's to give them enough distraction to fully arm the WHO's special response "health teams" or whatever fecking distopian rubbish they want to pollute this wolrd wide web and it's slaves with now...

I don't know

I just wanted to mention this to those of you who are still in doubt about what is going on:

The world you are living in is not what it seems,

It's ruled by an Religious-Cult of Hermaphrodite worshipping, pedofile psychos with nasty ideas , who are working from under the banner of the undemocratically chosen "united nations" and all it's  subservient "member-states"

Be aware that this is happening and know that YOU must fight it in your own way. (it will not go away by itself)

You cannot fight them physically, they always have more guns and muscle
You cannot fight them legally , they ARE the Law
You cannot fight them Socially , they OWN "social (indoctrination) and all multi-media"

This fight lies inside your own soul

inside your own body

this fight is a fight of will-power!

They cannot force YOU to relinquish your self respect, your freedom and your soul...

If YOU have resisted all the many hard handed government threats , psychological games, and overwhelming peer-pressure untill now, you are strong ...
if YOU have remained unvaccinated, un-woke, un-changed, still human , still anti-war and 100% natural-thinking , nature-respecting and natural-living ,
 then I salute YOU!
and I embrace you like a comrade in arms,
YOU have my deepest respect!
(and wow! it IS hard isn't it? ... not to drown in such a "sea of fools"!)

If YOU went along with the first wave of Covid-propaganda attack and masked-up a bit or got the first blood-clot-shots, because you were overwhelmed with the force of the psychological attack ... no worries...
IF YOU realised it was wrong at some point and have since woken up and joined the movement for TRUTH.
Then I welcome you to reality and am glad you have joined the resistance!
(keep it up!)

If YOU went along with the un-natural Covid-programming,
the discrimination of natural people,
the un-natural  LBGBTFGTQPYIGTWOKE-programming,
the un-natural  Climate-Change CO2 hysteria programming
It's trickier but there is still hope for you if you work hard at it...try to ask forgiveness for all the horror you have caused and supported by your foolishness, and try to be a better person in the future and all will be well...

But please remember that anything you do will be by your own CHOICE!

We would never force anybody to do anything AGAINST THEIR WILL...

what do you think we are?

A "DEMOCRACY" or something!?

There... that was my rant for now... I hope you "enjoyed" it


Have a great day before some secret experimental military-weapon
ordered by some occultist government/army pedofile,
sets you on fire, floods you or earthquake's your house on top of you!

Greenthingz and Love in a Demon-and-Lies-filled world!
Shaman Steve Sic