Dark and Light...a MIDWINTER's Dream

21 Dec 2017

The "Pope of Paganism's" official yearly speech **

It's midwinter again, the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned in such a way that we have reached the darkest days of the "Natural" year... the longest nights sandwich the shortest day ...all is quiet, all is peacefull, the trees sleep in frost as the pace of life slows down for all creatures...errrrm?... wellll?... uhhh...
OK...At least the planets still seem to function properly though!
It IS bloody dark outside.
But the rest?
The gracefull movement of the seasons that our forefathers have taught us to worship and celebrate have been well and truly monkey-fucked by now.
The gentle sleep of Wintertime has become like the fitfull sleep of an industrial inner-city-dweller, constantly disturbed from revitalising dreams by burglar alarms, traffic noises, passing airplanes, police sirens, facebook updates and random screams for help...

When I look around me and experience the (much too) warm forest... confused between decaying rot and sad new too-early growths of seeds, a thick layer of slime growing over all... sudden temperature fluctuations, dangerously disrupted animal life... rampant foreign "multinational" diseases... I feel tired.

Nature is tired ... Nature is tired of mutant monkeys. (but you knew that)

And what about the sad monkeys themselves? what is left for us?
Where is our CULTURE? Where is our TRADITION? What has happened to OUR world? ’Tis the season to be jolly, but what the hell do we have to be jolly about I wonder?

The beauty of Nature and even the inspired Architecture and Art in our cities that our more enlightened forefathers built, have been replaced by cancerous Grey Concrete boxes covered in ugly, insincere loud advertising, choked with cars and pollution where everybody goes nowhere... very fast.
We don't live in cities.. we live in compounds of confusion.

Whatever happened to Nature's abundance? The good stuff of this planet to sustain our bodies, our health?  Despoiled by the richest and replaced with industrialised garbage slave-food in pretty boxes in order to keep us sick, obese, cancerous and above all, too weak to protest.

What happened to our open and innocent sexual expression, the joy of life and freedom of expression?... Replaced by oppression and guilt, only to be relieved by cheap easily accessible pornographic experience and spiritual rape,  catered to us by CHURCH and STATE to keep us docile and apathetic.

What happened to simply experiencing the wonder of existence on a daily basis with each breath of pure air we breathe? Replaced by artificial stimulations in the form of empty massmedia multimillion rubbish, piled high with meaningless clichés and moralistic lies squeezed at us from every conceivable angle
(including the internet device you are now reading these words on). 
Distracting us from REAL LIFE... it seems as if all we can experience together nowadays is through the shared experience of major label mush, movies and memes...
(and I realise that most humans won't even be able to read this blog because it has "too many words" for a generation who doesn't even read books anymore :-( )
So many lies... so many lies... why do humans prefer to believe in LIES?
Here's some truth:
-All major world religions are corrupt made-up sects based on power and money. 
-All governments only exist to provide money for government officials.
-"Democracy" is the name of the advertising campaign paid for by  "Plutocracy"
-All multinational business CEO's  would gladly have YOU and YOUR country buried in a 100-foot pile of bovine excrement mixed with crude oil and chinese junk untill you choke...if it would mean turning an extra cent of profit for their "holy shareholders" (who are ofcourse mostly the old monotheistic aristocracy that have been fucking our world ánd their followers since the year dot).

Lies are the instrument of CONTROL that we need to lose if we are to live.
Some lies are just so BIG it's hard to see them properly.

Everything life changing, important, cool or truly fascinating about our History, our Art and our Universe is dangerous to those in power. It interferes with their "official stories"... and Dumb masses are much preferred to Informed masses by those in power..
So most of the cool stuff get's made "safe" and wildly improbable by, for instance, being squeezed into the mold of an "easy to  digest" high-budget popular series or movie on a major network for mentally handicapped morons. 

The only rebels we are allowed to have in this world are fictional ones that cannot possibly be real (like superheroes) so as not to inspire us to actual thoughts of rebellion.
(it's like: we are allowed to believe in the illusion of "democracy" as long as we don't expect our government to actually do anything usefull for US... because we, the people, choose it) 
Nothing is Sacred in this world anymore...
Did I say Nothing? ...well... except 1 thing ofcourse


And the good thing is: She/He does not need worship or money or a big house or millions of people mumbling prayers to it in large cold building on specific days of the week...
Nope. Nature only needs the monkeys to die out of their own accord as soon as possible. And when I look around me today, I see that it seems to be happening :-)

Have faith in yourself, keep yourself as fit, healthy and relaxed as possible...
and smile for all the good times and beauty that will surely be yours as long as your eyes are opened enough to see them !

Nothing is Sacred... Only Nature

Greenthingz and have a great YULE everyone! (ho ho ho!)

Shaman Steve Sic
(100% non-dogmatic Erisian Pope of chaotic Paganism... 
no worship, no church, no bank-account... just a whole lot of attitude!)

picture of Jenny (who is much better to look at than me) by Samantha Evans

**ps:  hey!... if all those fecking poncy kings and queens and religious icons get to force their tedious "christmas/newyear speeches" onto the drooling masses just because they got pooped out of the inbred orifices of ancestors who were: murderous, stealing, raping psychopaths who killed all who opposed them and stole everything they own...then why can't I? 
I'm sure You and I are more "Noble" than all of those so-called "majestic" monsters put together ;-)