Dear audience of Castlefest

3 Aug 2017

I have some wonderfull memories I'd like to share with you:

I remember a magickal time when OMNIA played every year on the PaganNight we had created, as festival programmers, for YOU. The flames of the Wickerman, built with our own tiny hands , filled with offerings to the Gods of Nature... burning brightly as the spiritual centre piece to OMNIA's mass Ritual.

I remember Thousands of shiny happy faces of all religions and spiritual flavours reflected in the Deep ruddy glow of the giant fire-offering reliving the ancient vision of our Celtic ancestors and I still hear the Thousands of massed voices joined together chanting the words to "Auta Luonto" (Help me Nature , Give me Power make my blood run Strong and Stronger!) TOGETHER!

I remember helping to make a Festival for the Sun and for Love, organised and envisioned by two married couples who shared a dream (Natasha and Mark, Jenny and Steve). Where everybody respected each other a place where 90% of the first year's volunteers were all OMNIA fanclub members.

I remember a Place that still respected Animal Rights and Nature, where the Meat was ecological and the Carbon footprint was minimal. I remember hot sunny days with loooong signing-sessions of over 2 1/2 hours(!) , rows of waiting fans stretching out over half the terrain after our shows! (one OMNIA show each and EVERY day!)

I remember being humbled by the sound of your voices and the energy of your life washing over a main stage ... a stage I was proud to stand on then. I remember the deal we made together, "as long as there is a Castlefest, there will be an OMNIA playing there!" and I remember me promising this to YOU.

I remember inviting all my friends, Artists, Musicians, Actors to come and join the fun and the dream, to celebrate life and Nature together with us (and they did, many of them even came for free!)
I remember a festival where ALL artists were treated with respect and as equals (something we insisted upon as bookers for the festival)

I remember thinking I found a Home...

But alas... that's what all these beautifull sentiments are now... just memories. things change, apparently people change.
Sorry dear friends, dear people , my promise to you has been broken (not by me) with one simple email from my old friend Mark.

We cannot come where we are not invited, so we are blocked out of what used to be "our festival" (Natasha, Mark, Jenny and Steve) because we do not belong there (the Wickerman ritual, the neo-Paganism, the Logo I made and all the rest we gave freely apparently DO belong there, just OMNIA doesn't)

You will have probably heard many wild stories about why OMNIA is not at Castlefest by now (mostly stories originated by people who were not there at the start and never saw the change happen) and because the internet is full of "brave keyboard heroes" the stories are tall, grimy and pretty shitty for the most part. (I must be such a Bastard with an inflated Ego and demanding blue M&M's and footmassages or something...sigh)

But, as I have no wish to add my voice to these "brave people", I will not even bother to defend myself, Jenny and OMNIA. This message is just for the ones who have travelled from far to be there and who are now confused to find us missing...
Work it out for yourself why OMNIA is not there to join you, and who's ego has grown to large... It was a pretty dream while it lasted, but the world of commerce and marketing apparently does not work like that (something that is hard for a Shaman/Artist/Dreamer to understand), so sadly it was time for us to wake up to the truth about what our dream has become, now that it has become "grown up and succesfull" and doesn't need us anymore.

Goodbye Castlefest, goodbye Mark

Remember us some time when you're there ;-) Remember the good times we shared Remember when we found peace and unity together.

Shaman SteveSic

ps: one thing I've been wanting to say to all animal lovers for many years is this: All the meat sold by the big grill hasn't been ecological or animal friendly at all since Stenny quit the organisation, many many years ago! They just forgot to tell you all this for "economic reasons". phew! It feels good to finally be able to say that in public!

relive some good old memories here ;-)