Decluttering-the very very hardest parts....

21 Jul 2019

We have moved on from sorting out our books and our clothing and (yes!) our instruments to decorations and those little things you keep in a drawer somewhere because you just can't get yourself to throw it away. Now we have been given many many gifts from YOU during all those years. Some have been eaten, smoked and drank, others remained with us for a long time until broken or moving on in different ways, others stayed on our home Altar and will stay there for a long time....but today I found this one. This tiny girl adored me to bits and made this together with her mother. I think I got it about 6 or more years ago (it has no date)...but I guess little Laila is now much less little. So....if you know or are Laila, post a picture! I would love to see how she turned out.

And it would be nice for her to know I still have this.

Children's gifts are priceless, so is their honesty. Being adored by children means they mean it so you must be doing something right.

Green tidy things
Jenny / OMNIA