Deforestation from nation to nation...

7 May 2018

Hey lovely people,

Some of you might have already stumbled across this petition, but we'd still like to share this one with you in the hopes of maybe making a change together for sake of the future of our rainforests:

"The EU is the second biggest importer of agricultural products resulting from deforestation. An area of forest the size of Portugal was lost globally between 1990 and 2005 because of EU consumption of commodities grown on deforested land - much of it illegal."

This petition is also a good reminder to challenge our consumer behaviour - make sure to avoid palm oil as much as possible and maybe try to steer clear of soyproducts..(it's beneficial for both the planet AND your health!)

Let's fight the good fight!


PS: We are well aware that this is just a petition, but our means in modern day capitalism to actually make a change through "official" politics, such as the EU government, are very limited. So, this might not be a lot, but it's better than being ignorant...and we know that YOU, the real Earth Warriors, are out there, fighting for the planet every day!


I´ve just signed up. It´s an unexpressable shame what short sighted human does to our home place. Ev´ry voice counts and ev´ry statement does so too. Petition or not, we need to get aware about this. Aware, that we join in the destruction of our holy forests, when we buy all that (in big parts) unnecessary but very well advertised junk-food. Aware, when we speak to others, so awareness can be spread. It´s not about missioning, its about informing. Most people have no idea, how much destruction can lurk behind a funny-coloured supermarket bar of chocolate.
The old Gods of the earth, that are so beautiful these may-days, may bless you and your work

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