Do YOU believe in Dark Magic?

26 Feb 2024

I don't...
I have seen and done so much of it personally a life long,
that I simply KNOW that it's real and this is how the world works...

Do YOU feel something odd happening to your mind and body these last weeks? You're Not quite yourself? Sick a lot? Stressed?

Then read on...

Of course I realise that most of you believe in the mainstream religion which is called "THE SCIENCE",
and probably think that Magic is just something for children's books, bad video games and terribly tacky movie-franchises.

But then I also realise that most people out there today are helpless, enslaved, drained zombies, labouring under a massive load of illusions, laced with toxic poisons and mind-control, disguised as "digital technology”.

So if, you feel more comfortable about it, you may simply call me "MAD" or "UNSCIENTIFIC", but still, please read on and don't forget:

We (Stenny) live in peace and harmony in a paradise of freedom which we built ourselves and we haven't had a single flu or other sickness in more than 4 years, despite hugging and kissing people all the time, never having worn a dumb face-diaper-mask, never ever having taking a poisonous "pcr-test" and of course never having allowed any sick deluded psycho to pump a heavily toxic experimental bio-weapon like "the vaxxine" into our veins.

While most people today live in what is increasingly becoming yet another confusing, mind-numbing, stage of hell..
Where the sad people are plagued by constant sickness, fear, depression, worry, rising costs of living, with less freedom of movement, expression or "feelling of comfort and safety" than EVER before...

Stenny don't do that, we simply live on the edge of it...

So... what do YOU think?
Stenny insane?

Anyway my dear... You probably think your world runs on what is called science, don't you?

Well... I suppose that if you really NEVER question the narrative that you are shown, then I suppose you could sleepwalk your way through life until your inevitable death from bloodclot, stroke, heart attack, operation complication, terminal depression, war or one of the rainbow of other modern toxic poisonings that are being forced on everybody.

The “overdeath” rate per country is rising quite steadily now that the longer term effects of shooting up toxins are becoming clear (something that never happened during the pandemonic…).

But anyway, this blog is about magic, here comes the practical bit

As an enthusiastic life-long Occultist and Nature spirit worker I finally see what is happening all around us, in this enslaved world.
And gosh it took me a long time to figure this out!…….
The biggest occultists are in your government and the secret religious/magic societies that run them!

Their psychic WAR weapons are increasing in strength.

The Dark Lord worshipers that run this place are planning something big for March of this year, to coincide with their New Year which starts officially somewhere around the full moon of MARS (a.k.a. March) after the spring equinox.
(The new year has been put on 1 January only since 1751; before that it was 25th of muslims, jews, chinese etc. have)

Also it's a leap-year now with one extra (holy) day…
(March/Mars is the Month of War, all important mass rituals for the ruling occult elite take place on a 4 year basis ie: governments, football-cup, olympics, etc.)

The last leap-year, equinox, full-moon was in march 2020.
It started the crown-flu-lockdowns imprisoning the whole world...
Changing all our lives for ever.

Let's see what they do this time!
Aliens? Cyber attack? War with Russia? Yet another made-up disease? Who knows!?

The build-up is intense though and I feel the air crackling with evil intent (even up here on the mountain).

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb and simply state something about YOU.

I think YOU have been getting more depressed, more confused and have less life-energy than before...

This feeling is getting worse... and you cannot quite work out why

yYou are simply "not yourself" anymore and you are definitely not really happy...

You have trouble making decisions,
you have anxiety attacks,
you don't feel too well,
you have trouble sleeping, many bad dreams,
you do not feel good in body and soul...

You worry increasingly about the press-promoted fear salad

Your natural cheerfulness is gone and you cannot string your thoughts together like you used to.

This is because YOU are now being attacked!
Yep, it's true
call it Science or call it Magic,
It is what it is...

You are being mentally and physically "softened up" for the next big move in the globalist world war agenda.
(like soldiers being bombarded and strafed in a trench prior to a big military assault)

When you cannot think properly and are stressed, tired and hopeless, you will accept whatever bullshit they will throw at us all next without a fight.

Many were damaged and have died or are permanently handicapped by the extreme poisons that were "forced" into their veins through the weaponized clot-shots, but also the toxic cattle nasal-vaccinations (wrongly called "pcr-tests") that you may have allowed into your body.

These harmful toxins, nano particles and heavy metals work terribly well in combination with the high and low frequency atmospheric energy weapons that are filling the sky and the Aether all around us now.

So if I guessed right and you are having troubles then I have some advice for YOU to defend yourself against the constant onslaught of evil.

To get the poisons out, you can try liver-cleansing, diet change (if necessary) to only natural whole foods, fruit and vegetables, no meat (especially pig...never eat pig), no chemical "additives" (food that only has 1 ingredient is always the best!)
Avoid all multinational slave-stimulants (coffee, tobacco, alcohol, sugar, etc.)
Research detoxing & getting stronger by drinking distilled water, using Selenium, Zeolites, Shilajit and an alkaline diet.

Throw away your smart phone, it's an evil thing does NOT make you happy, get a dumbphone and keep your "social media programs" on your laptop or pc.
Don't do more "screen time" than say 1 or 2 hours per three or four days.
Don't play any stupid-making slave-games (playstation, x-box etc.)
Do not watch ANY modern slave-propaganda-entertainment (netflix etc.)


Learn to make a circle of protection in your own style
(something like the OMNIA opening ritual I used to do at every gig before we started)

I find that drawing an octagram in the air at the 6 cardinal points around me,
while chanting a chakra-based-mantra has great effect as a banishment of previous evil intentions and a wall against further harm.

Continuous Drumming while tripping out in a shamanic way and visualising protective sound-ripples of light spreading around you into the aether also works wonders!

But as always with all these heya heya matters, your intention and your self-confidence has to be good...that's the most important thing!

Don't worry if it seems silly the first few times you do this,
it will get easier with practice.
And this chanting and waving of arms stuff really works wonders in the "spirit realms"
(If you need some proof positive of this fact, just ask the pope in his long white occultist dress with his silly hat  and his creepy snake cult if he is or isn't one powerful, hellraising, protected, pedophile, wizard or not!)

If you feel you are under attack from the outside, try to do a "ritual of protection" until your mind- eases off a bit.
(I would severely warn against using any Wicca witchy, Asatru viking, Celtic Druid blabla or other "hip modern yet ancient pagan" made-up religions because they are all merely mind-traps for the spiritually inclined and choc-full of demonic entities who will possess your mind and fuck your soul.)

If you want to use religious figures, gods, spirits etc. to help you then do so on your own terms ... not any one else’s!

You can make, draw, carve, paint or whatever "power symbols" that give you a feeling of strength, protection and safety.
This could be rune-sigils, symbolic paintings, carved totem poles, medicine-shield-like things
(do NOT use any well known corporate logos, no matter how much you like them, as they are all...well... evil visual spells)

Surround yourself and your house with good symbols and they will provide you with confidence.

If all of the above sounds to complicated for you to start with, because you're too fucked up and cannot concentrate, then try this:
When you feel attacked (and you will)
Find a quiet place
sit upright or lie on your back
just close your eyes and focus on your breathing, yoga-style... breath in slow, while counting to 7
hold the breath while counting to 8
breathe out slow, while counting to 9

Visualize your breath making a circuit through your body
until the feeling goes away
then visualize an egg of light around you, protecting you
and slowly expand it to fill the space you are in.
This will keep out the negative lower vibrations.

I know that for some of you this sounds maybe too simple,
but really,
to counter psychic attacks you merely have to first acknowledge that they exist
and then get down to block them in whatever way you feel works for YOU.

You can of course also just ignore everything I just wrote and decide that I am a sad, mad, fruitcake and just ask one of the many A.I.-monstrosities what you can do to stop feeling that something is very wrong with this world and your place in it!

I wish you strength and luck!
Feel hugged

Shaman/ Inquisitor
Steve Sic

PS: Although I own much ritual clothing and robes etc...
this particular picture is actually just a selfie of me in my bathrobe  :-)
Keep smiling!!