Do YOU ever question your reality?

29 Jul 2022

Do you ever wonder about the world you inhabit and the simple fact what it actually looks like?

what shape is it?

Because You cannot actually SEE the world from the outside personally,
YOU must trust the information and images you have been given your whole life since childhood by... euh... by the nice people who actually own the military industrial complex that rules the world.

Like this fascinating picture made by NASA artists of the fabled continent of Antarctica,

the legendary "bottom of the Globe"

Beautifull isn't it?

 ... that little insignificant blue planet spinning around the mighty sun through the endless tracts of 'outerspace' ... with that big lump of ice stuck to it's bottom... such a miracle of existence!

And on it this mysterious continent of Ice and hidden mountains that we are NOT allowed to fly over or to visit except for a teeny piece on the edge of the "antarctic peninsula" (visible on the bottom right of this picture)

It is being "protected" by a council of wonderfull eco-friendly countries who have declared it a place of "peace and science"  isn't that sweet?

Especially when you think of all the wars these land grabbing colonial countries have with each other, it's heart (and possibly global) warming to see such love for penguins and rare moss species by the ultra-rich dictatorial neo-communists of the United Nations memberstates.

Or is it?

Is this picture actually real?

You see, when this picture was published recently by NASA (Not A Space Agency)
as ,yet another, pretty picture of the ball earth hanging in 'outerspace'
many people online started mentioning the fact that the Ice-sheets
(which are supposed to be melting in the present "Global Warming" Narrative ***)
look kind of huge and seem to be getting bigger.

The question then became:
If the Globe is warming and the ice caps are melting, how can this picture exist?

So "Reuters" (one of the two mass media "NEWS" providers who spread the worldwide UN/ "Globalist" propaganda)
actually had to come out with a so called "de-bunking fact check report" on NASA!
disproving the accuracy of this space foto, saying that the NASA artists had digitally manipulated old satelite pictures of 2007 to make this wonderfull piece of fantasy art...

OK... so that explains the giant ice cap... but the question that YOU should then be asking yourself is this:

Why the fuck does NASA only publish pics that are "digitally manipulated"
 or as you might  say "photoshopped"
... or as a more cynical and world weary fellow like me would say "FAKE"

why has every photograph ever published of the earth as seen from space by NASA been "digitally enhanced" / photoshopped/ Faked?

Each day what is called "official information" becomes more and more fluid and filled with contradiction (and lies)

Do YOU ever question YOUR reality?

Maybe you should start...

Greenthingz from the REAL earth!

Shaman Steve Sic

***ps: on te bright side Global warming is yet another Globalist fear campaign , the Earth is NOT trying to kill us all with weather and viruses... and it's not true for two very good reasons:

1:  the sea ice sheets actually seem to be growing on both the Arctic and Antarctic. even polar bear numbers have been going up steadily for years now, but sadly this information has disappeared from the standard internet ,due to overpowering Globalist censorship.
(I know the weather sux, but The deadly weather fuck-ups are being purposefully made by what is called "global engineering")

2: It's not a Globe...