Earth Warrior Inspirations

16 Aug 2018

This is the ulitimate Celtic warrior for Mother Earth: "Sláine"
(seen here as drawn by the incomparable Simon Bisley)

I used to lose myself in tonnes of comix (aka:"graphic novels") back in the day as they say...
Sláine has always been one of my inspirations because he is a classical Iron Age Celtic warrior hero not unlike Cú Chulainn who basically kicks Ass (axe) for Danu the EarthMother... and...
he Hates Romans and the destruction of Nature...
Now isn't that cool?

Ah the happy memories!

Which art inspires YOU?

Greenthingz and neo-Celtic Art

Steve Sic

Ps:I am soooo glad that nobody has ever tried to make a movie adaptation of him!
(Like Poor judge Dredd and Tank Girl,etc etc)