16 Aug 2017

This is not a rant… just some facts... well... maybe a little "ranty"... enjoy!
Share this message please, not for me, but for the Earth.

The way to fight for Nature is not easy and can be very frustrating, but every good adventure starts with gaining some knowledge... here are some hard facts:

The time for peaceful protest is over...  It has no use in this world anymore:
Look what happened to "Standing Rock" and the natives' peaceful protest...
Look what happened at the G20 conference in Hamburg with it's peaceful protest...
Look what happens in places like Ethiopia when the people protest...
Look at what happened to EVERY peaceful protest I have ever been involved in...

"Peaceful demonstrations, merely demonstrate the futility of peaceful demonstrations"

Did you think any whales would be getting saved if it wasn't for People like Paul Watson and SeaShepherd actually ramming Whaling ships?
Did you think any information about Vivisection or Animal concentration camps would ever have seen the light of day without brave souls from organisations like A.L.F. or E.L.F breaking in and bearing witness to these horrors?

Did you know that the GOOD, SELFLESS people that give their time, energy and often their lives to protect our living planet are officially viewed as TERRORISTS by most world governments (including YOURS)? How can we still publicly and peacefully protest against the wrongdoings of BIG business like this?

Did YOU know that worldwide, hundreds of nature activists get MURDERED by hired corporate thugs EVERY YEAR?... For just peacefully speaking out for Nature and for sustainability in the face of BIG commerce.

Do you realise why?

No Government will ever listen to YOU or ME... it has been bought and paid is not your friend...and sadly, we see daily that most of the police and armed forces are not your friends either. They do not serve THE PEOPLE anymore...
They now serve as paid mercenaries, who's job it is to protect the property and power of the REAL rulers in this world (often called the 1%, but they are more like the 0.0001%); the ones who pay off the politicians...the ones who call the tune...

"Theory" or not, it is my belief that there are people conspiring to plunder our world... (just because "conspiracy theory" has been made into a dirty and stupid word, doesn't mean it cannot be true)
I see a small select group of people who hide behind the legal-facade of "multinational corporations", International banks, governmental departments and age-old religious institutions control almost every facet of our world, our society, our lives...
A Cabal of individuals who probably view themselves as superhuman or demi-gods rule the world, un-opposed (and they laugh at our futile struggles).

How do we get out of this? How can we make ourselves free of this? It seems impossible... I feel so small and powerless... can it still be done?
Well, the answer is of course:
YES! ... but the process is tricky.
For me it starts by first empowering our own selves, believing in our own strengths and weaknesses and then learning to solve conflicts and the simple problems of day to day life "by ourselves", without the use of "government" or any external help connected to the “Cabal”.

To regain our freedom as Children of Nature, we must first break away completely from dependancy on corporate-made Rubbish.
The world is becoming more and more totalitarian and fear driven, while the rape of Nature has taken on incredible proportions... We now live in a poisoned and dying Biosphere inhabited by trapped and docile slaves who are kept happy with mass media, useless (madeinchina) techno toys, alcohol, legal amphetamines and  refined sugar and mutated wheat, slavemeat-based foods ...Sounds scary huh?...
But, don't forget that if YOU don't buy or use any of this garbage you can automatically take power away from these "masters" and give some back to YOURSELF.

First Free your mind, then your body and the rest will follow...
When you change YOURSELF, the EARTH changes with YOU.
(YOU are the only part of this planet that you have complete control over)

Learn to live without the junk you have become addicted too, I mean...what do YOU really need to live a good life?

All mass media is a clever LIE, designed to make you passive, while still feeling inadequate, powerless, ugly and scared... and wanting to BUY stuff to feel better about yourself.

Do you really NEED that sausage made from concentration camp grown meat?
Do you really NEED that ‘chocolate’ snacky sticky thing made by evil-Nestlé?
Do you really NEED to watch that VEVO mindmush advertising on youtube?
Do you really NEED the latest smartphone/car/computer/gadget they are pushing?

You can Change your life even! Before it's too late; there is no room for half-hearted measures anymore (don't forget that the ruling "cabal" doesn't mess around either).

How about you eat LESS, but HEALTHIER?
How about you buy your gadgets second-hand and recycle some more?
How about you learn to make do with less Quantity... and more Quality?

Get pro-Active! Open your eyes and exercise your right to civil disobedience :-)
WE did not choose to be born into a world made of DEBT.
WE also did not choose for just a small handfull of "Royal", "Nobel" and "Landed" rich families to be born with dominion over ALL of us!

Do YOU wish to live your life as a mindless consumer/slave, working on a never ending production line, gazing hungrily at empty mass media illusions, eating genetically warped mutations of plants and animals, while still sadly believing that one day they will allow you to be free?

We distract ourselves with Games, Movies, Sports, News, Politics and other entertainment, while helping to perpetrate mass-genocide upon our Living Mother Earth and what is left of her Children.

It is time to Fight for what you believe in.

It starts with fighting your own inner demons and addictions first.

You know in your Heart what you can Change in your own life.
You know in your Heart which things are WRONG and which are RIGHT.
You already know this, but Now it is time for YOU to ACT on it.
It is time to Rise up and Change for Nature!

It's a hard calling
It is definitely NOT the easiest way out

But remember this:
If YOU don't do it...who will?

There are many ways to fight a war... be CREATIVE about it! ;-)

I'm a Warrior...
how about YOU?

Greenthingz and keep Fighting the Good Fight!
Shaman SteveSic

pic by Samantha Evans

-Yes, I'm writing this on a crappy old made in china laptop,
-Yes I'm posting this to you on corporate run "social media" (something which is becoming tedious and mentally harmfull in so many different unpleasant ways! ;-)
-No I don't think these things are good for you at all and I strongly recommend that you throw them all away and do something more usefull and healthy with your time!
(like taking the time to make love... something which i intend to do right now to get rid of the icky feeling that writing this blog has left me with)