7 Aug 2017


To change this EARTH first change YOURSELF,
The rest will follow with YOUR help

Change YOUR LIFE and make it YOURS
to LIVE IT like your ANCESTORS

It's Time to OPEN UP your eyes
and See the TRUTH beneath the LIES


Nothing is Sacred...  Only NATURE

I'm an EARTH WARRIOR!... How about YOU?

Shaman SteveSic and EarthWarriorJenny

pic by Samantha Evans

ps: The "War on Nature" is reaching drastic levels... as a Shaman I would like to give YOU some advice on how to FIGHT part of this battle FOR the EARTH, do YOU think I should?


Iiin a wooord:

Luve you guys ta pieces!
Hopefully we can meet some time and jam together.

(Didgeridoo, Drums, Guitar are my main instruments besides singing au natural.. ;) )

Would love to learn how to play the Hurdy Gurdy! ;)

As "I don't speak human" is blasting in my headphones, I write this to you.

A HeartFelt Thank You all in OMNIA for Your Presence, Your Awareness and Your Guidance and Teachings Through Your Music and Reverence for Ancestral Bonds that Never Really Dissolve.


Hi you guys!

I would definitely love to hear some Earth Warrior advice from you. For sure there are always ways everyone of us can improve our living to preserve Mother Nature in all her beauty and to preserve our species, too. By the way, I am so looking forward to your concert tour next year! I already have my tickets. :-) <3

Much love and blessings,


Hey omnia.

Your message and music is clear and it opend may eyes 2 years ago. I always was a differend child i was talking to all the animals and plants and i was always outside playing in nature. When i was getting older i started to feel strange and weird because i was somebody but i did not now what i wass. Ill started to do some mushroom and truffel trips and i felt a strange connection whit the earth and the pagan way of living. So i was looking for some pagan music on youtube and i found your song earth warrior and i dont speak human. It was like comming home afther a long time. And i buyt directly some of the cd's.
I just want to say thank you all of you for opening may eyes and showing me the real ritchdome of live.
So become a male witch and earth warrior may self new.

Gr and blessing all of you.
Roel Van hout Helmond Nederland.

Ps i see all of you in belgium 2-9-17

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