Earth Warriors on Tour! Thank You BELGIUM!!

18 Jul 2013

We brought our musickal "Pagan Guns" to Belgium this weekend and it ROCKED! After a brilliant couple of crowded gigs at "Folk BeLeuvenissen" in the wonderfully hospitable city of Leuven, we went on to show he crowd at the Na Fir Bolg festival what PaganFolk is all about... wow! what a briliant weekend!

Suddenly it's summer again. Sun, Heat, Good cheer... our feelings were as high as a helium kite, our smiles were as wide as the cheshire cats' and the Music flowed thick and pure! We even hung out with our old friends Joe and Luka who were playing there aswell with the veteran Irish/Scottish trad-folk band Shantalla... for us all it was really a weekend to remember! ... THANK YOU Belgium!! ...we'll be back ... september 21st in Dinant.


Shaman SteveSic and the OMNIA  Earth warriors! (picture by Kees "the driver")