Fare well to Facebook!! (a very happy Stenny!)

27 Nov 2021

We decided to kill our facebook today, because we can no longer support the censorship and hatred it promotes,

this is the last message we posted there...

I wrote it like a poem, because hey! I'm a poet!



Farewell FaceBook! ;-)

You are an instrument of hate and divison
Your algorythms spread lies and confusion

We enjoyed it when you were free and new
I’m glad we NEVER gave a cent to you!!

We leave you to morph into your “Meta-Verse”
Giving birth to a “Matrix” for all the jerks

While we happily dissolve back into REAL Life
Leaving behind your jealousy, greed and strife

OMNIA stands for FREEDOM and will NEVER change
To remain PAGAN and stay here… would be wrong and insane

Over 200.000 followers? you can blow ‘em out your ass!
If it means promoting thought crime … we will happily pass

We have found simple happiness, here in the high hills
Life’s too good for this medium that tortures and kills

We are NOT your customers, we don’t fit your data files.
Like a true Nature’s Child, we were born…born to be WILD!

We’ll keep posting for friends on our OMNIA site
But for Mark and his slave-world it’s “Nighty Night!”


Real life for Real people ;-)
Happy Stenny

PLEASE SHARE this message …
This page is as dead as democracy, but this message will remain here for a few days.

I am sure that very many friends, enemies and trolls will be very happy to hear that we have left this tainted medium ;-)