Festival of Lies...

3 Aug 2019

I’ve been wanting to talk to you about festivals for a while :-)…
What are they?
In olden days when the world was green, people who lived naturally of the land in small communities, would get together to celebrate the various changes of the season, the harvest of Nature's bounty and the joy of just being together...
They held festivals for this and it was done by "the people" themselves as a pure celebration of shared culture and social togetherness.

Now in our modern times of spiritual darkness, it is harder for us to gather together...
There are no real communities that can easily celebrate anymore.
We dont all live together in small groups...so ...
We are now dependant on ruthless businessmen (disguised as "cool people") who build commercial illusions of the community we are all longing for...

They SELL us a community, where YOU must PAY MONEY to join in and feel as if you belong to something... kinda sad isn't it?

Most festivals that start out as honest, non-profit organisations fill up with lots of sweet volunteers and energetic creative people who are all willing to turn it into something special, "something for the good of the group".

But the festivals with enough luck and visitors to survive the first few years, sadly often turn into commercial moneymakers within just a few more years; becoming business ventures who's main purpose is simply to make money and feed the growing ego of the owner(s) of the festival, while still posing as a “community thing”.

Usually the creative minds and volunteers that built and made the festival into a success in the first place are pushed out one by one when they are no longer needed, or they become "embarrasing" or "inconvenient".
These volunteers are easily replaced, because there are always plenty of newbees each year who know nothing of how it all started and are begging to be allowed to volunteer for something as cool as a "real famous festival"!

Most Festivals underpay and mis-treat the artists and musicians who have to beg hard enough to play there (because musicians NEED an audience). Artists are made use of like cheap disposable rat-catchers to draw the crowds of visitors to prepared mass-traps of illusion... huge carbon-footprint nightmares, where everyone is herded past tonnes of low-quality, animal and earth unfriendly food, alcohol and cheaply made festival merchandise sold for often extortionate prices... just to feel that they "belong" to something bigger than them.

Some festivals even have a kind of stolen/borrowed "spiritual" or "social" aspect which they use to great effect when advertising themselves and convincing people to part with just a little bit more of their hard-earned money each year...

Why can't we all build our own little planet-friendly communities to celebrate in?... based on REAL thoughts, values and friendships we truly share together, instead of basing it on Cultural appropriation, make-believe and the Boss's Ego + Cash flow?

OMNIA is trying to do this now, by finding a place to share with YOU!
Far away from the empty commercial bullshit.

What about you? What can YOU do to make YOUR celebrations REAL? :-)

Let's party and cheer this summer-harvest season and the joy of life TOGETHER! Wherever we are!
Because we're together inside our own Hearts!

Peace be with you, whereever YOU may be at this moment... keep your eyes open ...and don't be fooled by the advertising! ;-)

Greenthingz, Earth-Love, Respect and REAL rituals for REAL people!

Shaman Steve Sic et OMNIA