the first dates of the NEW OMNIA tour-AGENDA 2014 is ONLINE!!!

18 Dec 2013

Yes people the OMNIA Earth Warriors are coming your way! 
We have put the first festivals and concerts that have been confirmed for 2014 online today...

These include shows that you have come to expect from us like:

- the first chaotic club-gig party of the year in the Altstadt in Eindhoven
- the awesome MPS festival-shows all over germany...
- the Castlefest 10 year anniversary "special" show...

there are new arrivals like:
- the huge german WACKEN festival! 

old friends like: 
-the tiny "Celtic Night" festival in Geluwe Belgium

aswell as:
- the first clubdates for the OMNIA "EARTH WARRIOR" Album-tour

and more... check them out here

we are currently still planning and confirming more gigs ... we'll keep you updated...


pic by Jasper van Gheluwe