Foxgloves and locks

2 Jun 2017

We're chilling in our garden, Jenny's fixing her dreadlocks and I'm contemplating life while writing my first blog in a long time...

It feels like summer in our forest and The foxgloves are already in bloom :-) (which is odd but also quite cool because we love FoxgLoves)

The new season of Omnia shows will be starting soon for us and we are slowly gearing up into "concert mode" , practicing, playing tunes, 
Arranging stuff and most importantly feeling the vibe of Nature and trying to translate it into a coherent Omnia stage show/ritual.

Jenny and me have seen many things on our travels around the world these last six months...
From tropical rainforests to arctic wastes and all sorts inbetween
It made our hearts sing...
Many mighty landscapes inhabited by countless "others"... the plants and animals that we share this wonderfull world with... the true sacred and spiritual core of this world.
They don't need our help
They just need to be left alone
They need humanity's respect

This year is OMNIA's 21st birthday!

So we are going back to our Roots.
The worship of Nature as it was done by our ancestors, the indigenous peoples of the land.
We are gonna put a lot of our old original Shamanic and NeoCeltic roots back into the show...
more to the point

The world of humans has gotten overcomplicated
Our own world has also gotten overcomplicated by it
Fuck the world,
Let's make it simpler :-)

Nothing is Sacred... only Nature!