12 Aug 2016

We have three new galleries of OMNIA @ Castlefest
(PLUS FREAKY BACKSTAGE PICS of OMNIA in their natural enviroment)


Btw...Sorry I'm not writing so much lately , but there is a lot going on and I actually have so much I would like to say...

I had another "epiphany at the crossroads" moment at Castlefest which made me think hard about a lot of stuff...This time it wasn't  about leaving big-shot management and Universal records behind so that we can remain wild and free...
This time it was more a revelation about what it means to be 100% independant artists running what has become a pretty "big" band and recordlabel and what that does to your personal freedom...

Yup Castlefest (and it's backstage flora and fauna) made me think a lot about personal freedom again...  It made me decide some stuff for the future of OMNIA

So that now I have so much to say that I'm daunted by the prospect of starting...
(but this is not the time)

So INSTEAD here are some pretty pictures to keep you happy untill I feel like writing some BIG FAT TRUTH again... (but with a smile on my face)

See you in MPS Telgte (Germany) tomorrow!

Greenthingz and Freedom!
Shaman SteveSic