Fridays 4 Future!! (on saturday)

27 Feb 2021

Every friday jenny and me demonstrate for today and for the future! **

because since the world wide rise of totalitarian capitalism which forbids people to be free in favour of compulsory house arrest and internet/device addiction, I think it is the DUTY of every monkey who (through the circumstances of their personal life choices) is still able to do so…


Now with DEMONSTRATION I don’t mean getting out into the street , shouting, waving banners and attracting the attention of your government in the hope to change their minds…  you won’t change them, because you are not directly paying them, you are all just tax-slaves nothing more.
Public demonstrations are merely free training exercises for the paid mercenaries (aka police) to demonstrate their newest crowd-harming toys and to show us all just how easy it is for a brainwashed twentysometing year old with a government training in close physical combat in a fully armoured riot suit to kick the living shite out of an 80 year old hippie grandmum who refuses to wear her corona-slave mask in public.

Your government already knows darn well what kind of crapula maxima is coming down on the enviroment, the 5G radiation mess, the nose-diving economy, the GIGANTIC rise in income of the very few, very worst humans opposite the GIGANTIC increase in poverty of the 99% because of the capitalist one-way money system and they know (and encourage) the uncountable millions of very very sick children and young adults as well as old guys completely addicted to internet devices on the slow road to selfdestruction.

(Really …if you live in the 21st century and you do NOT believe in conspiracies by the ultra rich and powermad then there is something seriously wrong with your perception of reality)   :-)

So Jenny and me DEMONSTRATE what it’s like to live a truly FREE life built from nothing but hope, love, Art and good intentions to our mother Nature  (Stenny),

we demonstrate that it’s possible for a homeless pennyless stateless child begging in the streets to build a good life and become the owner/caretaker of a nature reserve paradise by the use of ART and MUSICK without having to sell out or suck up to anyone (that would be me)

We also demonstrate how human monkeys and Natural wildlife can live peacefully together in cooperation and harmony without greed, disruption and destruction (TERRA OMNIA)

We demonstrate that it’s possible for creative ‘mindsparks” to fly from person to person giving hope, energy and courage enough to break away from the suicidal madness  and lies of mind-controlled, enslaved society and to live bravely for Nature , Peace and the Enjoyment of life…  instead of living for a Capitalist ratrace, guilt, Fear and mindless,endless soul destroying work
(which has become the “norm” in your world)

So we demonstrate , and we will keep on doing so untill the day our hearts stop… and even then our spirits will still bug all the badguys and give hope to the good guys as pagan poltergeists…


If you don’t actively DO something to stop this madness, the bosses will have won.

because It’s only your own docile cow-like compliance that they need,
without that YOU actually have more power than you think

Greenthingz , hope for today and the future
verzet!, resistencia!
Shaman SteveSic

** we also demonstrate on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, saturday and sunday ofcourse but then again…we ARE professional full time pagan demonstraters ;-)