Game of Thrones ;-)

11 Jan 2019

(And now for something completely different)

Jenny has apparently become "King in the North" as a member of the Stark family and is about to kick the living shizzle out of our evil friend Kelvin Kalvus "the depraved Lannister" for the control of westeros!
Let's see how this ends up?

And Me?... what I'm doing is observing the action, so that (like the writers of the teevee series) I can jump in with teleporting ravens and "faster than the speed of sound" Dragons to cover up the holes in the plot as they develop during the battle... hehehe!

Greenz and Gamez!

Ps: if you're unfamiliar with George RR Martins fantasy stories you probably haven't got a fucking clue what this post is about and you may ignore these words!

Thanx for reading them anyway :-)