Good Morning Democracy!

27 Mar 2023

So? How was it this morning?

Did you enjoy having to get up 1 hour earlier?

Did you enjoy your 'freedom" in a "free democratic country"
as your alarm shook you out of your well-deserved slumbers
because your masters set back their BIG (imaginary) CLOCK by one whole hour... ***

Isn't getting up early every day of your life enough?
Because THEY dictate the damned schedules, work hours and open/close-ing times?

Why do they have to keep on making stuff worse?

Why for fuck's sake?

The last big public "referendum" EVER that I remember,
was a huge pan-European referendum about this ridiculous un-natural "day light saving time",
this totally made-up slave-clock bullshit that happens every 6 months...
(you know? the one that ruined your rhythm and peace of mind this morning...)

This referendum was held years ago...

"The people",  VOTED... "legally" and "Democratically"

and guess what happened?

A HUGE majority of ALL European citizens voted to ABOLISH this anti-social time torture.

They said, it's dangerous!, it's disruptive!, it's very bad for young children!, it's bad for everybody!

So They (YOU) voted to get rid of it ...

This happened years ago...


This morning millions upon billions of already overstressed children (and parents) had to re-adjust their physical and biological clocks AGAIN after they had just gotten used to readjusting from the last fucking clock reset...

Because it wasn't abolished! ...was it?

The "power that be" simply ignored the referendum results and we could all drop dead as far as they are concerned... (the excuse being they couldn't agree about which 'time' to keep; summer or winter...)

So, yeah..."democracy"...

"rule by the people"...

"your vote counts"...

Do YOU SEE it yet?...

there is NO DEMOCRACY!!

there never was...

It's all illusions...

YOU are slave-cattle to the masters that made and rule this society (aka: "herd")

Yes there are CONSPIRACIES...

of course there are bloody conspiracies!

Tonnes of them!

what do you think Corporations and NGO's and central monetary funds are for, for fuck's sake?

Have you looked around you lately?

Which world do you live in?

Can you SEE the increasing sickness and death everywhere? (despite the world "HEALTH" control)
Can you SEE the increasing Wars worldwide (despite more than 70 years of UN "peace" bullshit)
Can you SEE the growing divide between rich and poor (despite total central world bank control)
Can you SEE the growing despair and spiritual unhappiness (despite giant organised BIG religions)

YOUR life within this society is not your own

YOU have absolutely nothing to say about
your land,
your sky,
your water,
your body,
your morals,
your city/village/community
your currency
your income

you don't even have a say over YOUR TIME!!...  

oh yeah, and any rule your masters make can be changed into it's opposite at any time...

they change the rules as their script progresses

so YOU have no basic setting

no inner peace

All together that is just about everything that was supposed to be REAL in your LIFE.

While YOU are still trying to be a part of this society, YOU are still a slave

Slavery starts inside your head

Now if something as simple
as stopping the messing around with our clocks
cannot be implemented at all...

Even after a massive majority of "we, the people" have legally voted for it,

by official referendum

Then there is no democracy and we are all dumb slaves.


As the clock has now reached a "normal" setting  
(most fitting with sunrise and sunset)

I suggest we simply KEEP this setting for evermore!

No more changes this autumn! Just don't do it!

Ignore the hour switch if they ever want to force this sillyness on us again,

you see,

if we ALL simply ignore the bullshit,

it doesn't happen...

We voted for normality,

we won our freedom from clock confusion!

It's legal!

We can take their "law" in our own hands!!

Thus making our children very happy!
(and everybody else who doesn't want chaos and confusion to rule!)

Let peace and sense return to the land!

Greenthingz and common sense

Shaman Steve Sic

***This is of course according to the made-up, designated "timezone" you have been put in by your masters