Guitar recordings done!!

27 Nov 2013

Joe earned his Omnia Dollar!

Gosh... after jammin' and recording with Joe Hennon these last couple of days ... I do realise how much we miss a really good guitar sound sometimes... sweet! Joe played awesome guitars on some of our new songz and I felt all goosebumpy and warm when I heard that DADGAD sound...Fieke made brilliant recordings of it all and now that old-schoolOMNIA sound is back on these tracks!


I'm all enthousiastic about guitar now?... maybe we should start looking for an OMNIA guitarplayer?... what do YOU think?... will it spoil the enormous focused stage-energy we have now as a 4 piece band? No new guitarplayer has crossed our path as yet... but we weren't looking... yet... something to think about.. what about a new guitar player in Omnia?


Joe's back home now (with his OMNIA Dollar as you can see on this picture) ... mr.Happy and mr.Boar went home with him they's enjoyed their visit to the woods(mr.Parker had sadly chosen to stay behind in Brussels) but now... whatever happens... we got Joe Hennon and his brilliant guitar sound on "EARTH WARRIOR"!!! and it sounds awesome!!!

Greenthingz and Musick!
Shaman SteveSic (crummy pic by Sic)