Hambi Stays!!!

25 Sep 2018

Please help our friends in Germany who are trying to save the Hambacher Forest.
The Hambacher Forst is an ancient forest near the city of Cologne (Germany). This autumn, the forest is to be clear cut in order to expand a climate-destroying open pit coal mine...
Since September 13th, RWE (a very large German electric utilities company) is evicting the peaceful forest occupants (who made a treehouse town) and destroys vast parts of the woods. Every Sunday during a walk in the woods thousands of people send a signal against the destructiveness of RWE and short-sighted politics.
Last Wednesday, one of these amazing people fell out of a tree and died during a police operation. Please let this death not be worthless. Help them to save this forest!
You can sign the petition here: https://www.campact.de/
(in German, but not so hard to figure out, don't let it stop you)
You can also see in which other ways you can help them on their website: https://hambachforest.org/
If you live in Germany, you can also switch your energy supplier and join the demonstration on 6th october.


With deepest respect and gratitude to our Nature loving sisters and brothers who put everything aside to FIGHT for Mother Earth

Jenny / OMNIA

Pic of Earth Warrior being dragged away by the Police made by David Young, published today in www.traunsteiner-tagblatt.de