28 Aug 2022

Happiness is something that resides in everyone's core.
Happiness is a basic state of humanity.

If our Mothers were fit and healthy and more importantly  NOT too poisoned by the bad food, living conditions and even worse "vaccines" and "medicines" that the parasites infest our world with,
then we were ALL born as happy babies!

All babies are naturally happy unless something is physically bothering them, if you can fix whatever is bothering the little baby (a thorn, a wet nappy, toxic vaccine damage etc.)
then they return to that basic state of happiness...

Just like all indigenous natural tribes living in a state of Nature... they were basically happy before the parasites that oppress us all, got to their part of the world and started destroying their health, culture and enviroment.

I am usually a very happy person, I have a great life, I live free, I keep myself healthy, I avoid letting toxic poisons enter my body, I have quite a few skills and enough creative power over everything I use and make, I am beholden to no man, no parasite is my boss, I live embraced by Nature all around me, together with my wonderfull, beautifull wife and life-companion of the last 20 years who shares all my love and joy as well as my sorrows... and together we can do exactly as we please most days...

So that is a bloody good basic for a great and happy life eh?


That is not all of it, you see in today's technologically polluted society, the "arm of the dark lord reaches far" as Aragorn said in "the Lord of the Rings"...
So even here in paradise there is no escape from the horror and darkness being spread over the world.

Especially the "death from above" raining down on us from the squadrons of airplanes up there.
Making an evil doom laden skies of filth (as in the picture)...

I am talking of course about the evil bio-weapon called "GEO-ENGINEERING" ...
Turning nature into a weather-weapon to destroy whole populations and countries by causing droughts, famines and floods in various countries etc.

This evil weaponised bio-weapon was envisioned by the military industrial complex since they have aircraft.
It was developed throughout the 2nd world war and used extensively first during the Vietnam war

It is so nasty and effective that Russia, China and the USA signed an actual "geo-engineering treaty" back in the 1970's, promising each other that they would NOT use this dangerous weapon on each other in war.

So...  the parasites have been using it on all of us citizens instead... to scare us and control us.

They have been doing this since the 1970's (!!!)

Geo-engineering is a widely known and heavily used technique based on weather control using the earth's magnetic/electric field from the ionosphere to the earth's surface combined with higher and lower altitude toxic aerosols of metal and alloy particles sprayed from airplanes (the so-called "Chemtrails") and activated through the frequencies transmitted via H.A.A.R.P. stations and various cell-towers and other transmittors.

You can see the many airplanes that spread this shit flying by the hundreds up in your sky when they are building a weather event (some days there are hardly any planes up there, just the usual passenger and military stuff, and then on other days suddenly hundreds fly over crisscrossing the sky with lines like webs!)

They are laying lines of toxic vapour in the air that slowly spread out and disperse to form thick grey layers of misty particles that block out the natural blue sky and can be used to change the weather patterns, trap heat or change temperature, wind direction/intensity and air-moisture levels, thus giving us Spanish heat in Siberia, Siberian Ice and Snow in Madrid, Tropical storm Flooding in deserts like Las Vegas and a desert-like drought and until now unheard-of forest fires in wet countries like Slovenia.  

They are drying out or flooding most of the agricultural land to first destroy the free independant farmers (so that the industrial "new gmo food" / soilent green "beyond meat" shit of Gates and his cronies can be pushed on the starving masses)

And then all this weather horror is being blamed on "the planet" which is spontaneously "warming" because we didn't buy an electric car and failed to seperate our garbage enough.

This weather circus of course leads to total (temporary) collapse of the eco systems that are being sprayed leading to crop failures, water shortages, destruction by flooding or heavy snowfall etc etc. for as long as the ongoing deadly poisoning of our skies continues.
(Yes... if they would STOP the high altitude aerosol spraying, then the so-called "climate emergency" would also stop... no matter what that little troll-boy Greta or her big friend mr. Klaus Schwab says)

So in the meantime the parasites can continue to push their fake emergency and force Carbon reduction taxes and take-overs of our lives, killing all that is natural and replacing it with an enslaved "transhuman" society of clueless mutants sucking down socalled "plantbased" foetal stemcell burgers while being 3-D plugged in to the ever growing tentacles of the parasite "slave-verse" bullshit world of illusion ... ahem...

So THIS kind of gets in the way of my Happiness

It annoys me...

Like an itch you can't scratch

It annoys me quite a lot...

Every singel day, because it covers the sky with planes puking poison and it doesn't seem to stop anymore.

Jenny and me are seeing manmade weather patterns now which are just completely insane..
and unlike ANYTHING I have ever witnessed in my long life as a nature shaman.

It's amazing that the technology to fuck the world's energy has advanced so much since the Parasites took dr. Wilhelm Reich's books and research and BURNED IT ALL (!!!???), then jailed him and killed him in prison to stop any of his real work on weather getting known by "the dumb masses"...

(Wilhelm Reich was THE main researcher into "Orgone energy" and "rainmaking" and in post-WW2 America could succesfully influence the weather with his "Cloudbusters")

The parasites are now fucking our weather so hard to push their fake "Climate change" agenda that it's amazing that the whole place hasn't collapsed yet...
But this is now only a matter of time o fcourse because the onslaught goes on and on, with ever increasing numbers of spraying planes up there (planes that probably belong to the UN or NATO by the way, because somebody's been buying extra jets like it's going out of fashion these last two and a half years, despite the so-called "slump in the aviation industry")

What annoys me even more is all those billions of fucking blind sheep out there who cannot even LOOK UP and see this happening in their own sky!...
Because they have become so disconnected from Nature and boosted full of shit that they have no idea what real airplanes or real weather looks like anymore.
(of course having a very misleading and heavily parasite-censored internet, plus an army of paid "Fact-checker" collaborators plus the constant misinformation of Wikipedofilia to blind the curious also helps to bury the facts)

So... sometimes it is hard to find Happiness ... even for me

It can be hard to find happiness in a world that is so sick with the parasites that it can hardly think and breathe anymore...

Especially when you see most of your family and friends blindly following the Judas-goat to their ultimate slaughter.


That doesn't mean there is no hope! As long as the heart beats and the blood flows strong in the (unpolluted) vein there is still a chance to get the parasites to stop destroying our world!

The first thing is getting more people to WAKE UP! and realise that they are being brainwashed and blinded to the horrendous truth of their enslaved existence.

And for that they will first have to stop losing their minds and their souls to the usual distracting movies, fake news, porn, computer games and other interNET and worldwideWEB activities that have enslaved their poor little brains to such an extent that they cannot even see anymore that they are getting fucked royally in the asses by their "leaders" (i.e. Judas goats).

If enough wake up, we will have a chance to stop the parasites before this all gets out of hand and they manage to RESET the total world population numbers again (that is what the "GREAT RESET" is about, and no...this is not the first time they are doing this).

THAT is the reason for me writing this little blog on the evil WWW...
In the hope that maybe YOU, after reading these shocking words will NOT simply think:

"Hmmm that Steve is such a misguided idiot... look at the deluded rubbish he's writing now!, I'll never come her again, because OMNIA is obviously just a bunch of loonies with no grip on reality at all!"

but I hope that maybe YOU will think:

"Hmmm? as far as I know Steve has never lied to anyone I know anywhere, he never sold out to big business, he seems a loyal and trustworthy husband, he actually used his life to protect Nature and spread knowledge of life AND he HAS been right up to now about so many things! look at how and where he is living now... hmmm?... maybe he's not such an idiot after all, maybe I should try to find out if any of this stuff that he is saying is possibly true?"

Anyway, I leave that bit up to YOU

I did my part.

I wrote this blog for a very good reason:

Not for money (I'm not selling anything with these words)
Not for fame (tried it, did the tours, got the groupies, got the tee-shirt, but stopped anyway)
Not for being right (there is but one TRUTH, no matter if anybody believes it or not)

I do do this because I care about my fellow monkeys and it makes me HAPPY to try to help to open YOUR eyes!

Being happy in a world at war is a form of defiance!

So my friends Smile and Be HAPPY!  
(because the parasites hate it when you are happy!)

Greenthingz and Dance untill we DIE!
Steve Sic  and Jenny

PS: Do you want some more general info on what geo-engineering actually is?

(It's not the whole story by far, but it will give you an idea)
Try this website https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/
Their documentary "the Dimming" is a good starting point if you want to know more about what is happening up there...