"Happiness is the absence of Evil"

2 Apr 2024

Hi everyone!
here's a quick Terra Omnia update

This morning we were both extremely happy, because it was such a pure peace of total calm...
We had actual REAL weather for a few hours this morning!

(can you even remember what real weather is?)

Just being able to see the blue sky without haze and feel the healing energy of the Sun again!

There were Clouds with actual shape!
not just fuzzy a grey purgatory of poison.

This morning the parasites stopped their toxic spray-planes for a few hours for a change of battle plan.

When the planes are gone then Instantly the Sun and it's powerfull electrical energy re-appeares, energising us and all the living things around our home!
It was great to be outside in our gardens and forest again, we really needed that!

we've been having some severe weather attacks during the recent holy days of all the various occultist prisonworld churches and societies.

We've had wild howling insane storms for days under suffocating (un moving) fully sprayed "doomsday" skies filled with noxious toxic fumes ,
we couldn't see the mountains across from us for ages, like there was a forest fire full of smoke in the air... but with screaming wind blasts that ripped and broke whatever they could...  the toxic mist stayed though...
Days of mind-numbing ,unnatural air-blasting, accompanied by the constant hollow droning sound of the evil spray bombers and frequency generators ,endlessly patrolling overhead.

After our little break of just a few peacefull hours , with herbal tea in the sun and birds singing to the delicate blossoms unfurling on the trees, the weather-destruction machine has been turned on full blast again...
here's the next battle plan

Now they are attacking us with sudden downpours of huge hail stones , like a giant fist of ice crushing the new plantgrowth,
Ofcourse they wish to destroy all the blossom that is coming out, just like they did last year...

apparently all food except for factory/lab stuff must go, we have to starve so we accept their rule.
all farmers except "Grandma' Gates's wholesome demon food" factories must go

All free living Nature people are under attack and have been since that Corona bullshit.

Something City people have no idea of...they just think
"oh, the weather sux..."  even if they take the time to look up from their slave devices long enough to notice what's left of the sky.
The War rages and it's getting worse, but we keep on resisting it!... our own way...

It's funny how most "normal" people wouldn't recognise an occultist pedofile world wide CONSPIRACY, that is attacking every aspect of their life.
even if it:

genitally mutilated them and their children, legalised pedofilia, enslaved them to a digital web of porn and lies, dropped their IQ by half , took away all their money and freedoms and poisoned the skies above them , the waters around them and the earth below them with toxic death...

 Ah well, good luck to them and their idiocracy!... (what a bunch of losers)

It's getting darker now,
The clouds cover us ,
the thunder rolls,
Lightning strikes,
the machine will kill again...

For those of YOU that have woken up to what's going on and are doing something about it ,
we wish you much courage and strength , the war is tough, the war is long, but not standing against this just not honourable
you who resist the mainstreams of society control, you have our respect and admiration
 (because we know how hard it is to go against that flood of shit!)

For all those of you who are still blindly stumbling along on this downward spiral of destraction and destruction, who still after 4 years of war think that everything is  "just fine",
Those of you who still meekly accept all the senseless and changing orders of the corrupt evil governments that rule this whole world together...

I just wanna say...  

absolutely nothing...

because that's all your worth to me...

Greenthingz to the Brave and the Pure of Heart!

Dr. Steve Sic