Happy Bealtaine Fire!!

30 Apr 2019

Today we give thanx to Mother Nature for generously giving the Monkey people this wonderfull planet to bounce around on. :-)

And of course we celebrate this fact traditionally by erecting huge flowered maypoley-penis thingies with lots of ribbons and stuff tied on symbolising the world tree, while lighting huge bonfires to dance around, getting drunk and stoned and horney!


Because we're a bit tired now as we have raced back home from foreign climes, after many loooooong days of travel to be in our own place on time. We're now making the best of what remains of this feastday with putting food out for the birdies, watering and helping out the plants around our house and to finish up with a cosy little "Tine Bealtaine" in our backyard with wholesome real ale...

Greenthingz and Nature Love!
Shaman Steve Sic & Jenny the Fae

Ps: to keep in the spirit of things,
I have tied some flowers around my tonker as a maypole :-)

"Nothing is Sacred...only Nature!"