Happy Fan Moment

28 Jul 2013
Happy Fan Moment

We're having a great time here at the Faerieworlds… hangin out in the hot sun or the cool of the shade… chilling with all the great people here in sunny Oregon… many faces, many friends, much talk of life and musick … much laughter.. This is me having my picture taken during a happy fan moment… check out my cheesy grin as I am happily embracing one of my favourite singers …

The awesome Sonja of Stellamara and the extremely lovely bellydancer  who had joined them on stageduring their wonderfull show… (who's name I forgot to ask because I was struck dumb with admiration for such beauty and skill)… ahem… anyway… Oregon rocks!, we are very happy pagans surrounded by kindred spirits … tomorrow it's our turn to PaganRock the mainstage… can't wait! …

Greenthingz on Fairywingz!

ShamanSteveSic    (picture by Jesse's friend)