Happy Halloween!

31 Oct 2017


It's Samhain/Halloween...
The Spirits of the Dead arise this night so we may remember them and pay tribute to the lost souls.

Normally I would say "honour your ancestors and remember them with love" as a true Shaman/Druid should...

but this year, with the Earth getting ready to cut us off from the root of life and our own extinction looming so close in our own faces, let's do a different kind of ritual remembrance...

This year let's Remember with respect, love and light all those that were so brutally tortured and murdered by our own perverse species.

(And there are SO MANY dead and mutilated souls to remember children!, do YOU know even a tenth of the whole messy story?)

Let us remember the great spearbill Auk, the passenger pigeon , the eskimo curlew and countless others , no feather of which will ever grace this Earth again.

Remember the Auroch, the Wisent the vast herds of Bison and wild deer ,forever roaming the lands in millions... untill they met our species.

Remember the countless multitudes of wild fish like Cod and tuna, remember the turtles, the squid, Sharks, Whales, dolphins, Seals, Walrus ,Corals filling the oceans with life untill our species turned it into a polluted desert.

To say nothing of our brothers and sister homosapiens who lived in peace with them, the indigenous tribes who have been exterminated like vermin.

The innumerable amounts of insect and plantlife , forests , whole eco systems, all exterminated for one reason and one reason only:

Cold Human Greed

Tonight the dead arise and their spirits are angry

They are ALL waiting for us on the other side

They know they'll see us all soon enough

And now... they are Really REALLY looking forward to it!


(How's that for a Halloween Horror story?)

Happy Halloween kiddies!
Enjoy it!, it may be our last :-)
Xx and sweet dreamz!

Shaman Steve Sic and Spirit Jenny