Happy Jenny :-)

8 Nov 2019

I know , I know...we haven't really written anything profound to you in quite a long time now.
If you missed our pagan sillyness and my looong ranting blogs of fear and loathing then please accept my sincerest apologies...

(on the other hand if you're glad I stopped writing because you don't like my words or the message of OMNIA then: too bad sucker! hehehe! :-)

So... where was I ? Oh yes, I am truly sorry for not putting some nourishing food for thought into any of my blogs because I have been too busy thinking... and living... outside of the box, or should I say: outside of the "hamster wheel" which is modern life. So I couldn't actually get anything sensible written down in ages!

So what are we up too now? Do you want to know? Keep reading...
Jenny and me have been travelling/living with friends as well as moving from one temporary rental place to the next (all in beautifull nature in beautifull countries and all as far away from civilization as possible).
And we have now gradually drifted off into another state of being... far from the hustle and bustle of our past life...We've stopped participating in the day to day nonsense that makes up modern society and are getting a whole new perspective on living itself.

Our weird disjointed way of existence is just a balance between our daily "wants" and "needs"

Time has become immaterial (which is good, because it is a silly illusion anyway).

Calender Days and dates are of no import to us (unless we have an appointment to look at land for sale).

We've seen tonnes of cool properties in many cool places some of which would have been perfect to make into just a little "Stenny home" where we could disappear from society alltogether and just be happy on our own... (but that is not the purpose!)
We are still looking for a place with the right infrastructure and size so that YOU can come and visit us as well...

We'll keep on searching untill we find the right place.

The project we started on (finding a physical home in nature for the "world of OMNIA" for us and for YOU) is harder than we figured at first.
The human world is not an easy or logical place so when you want to do something that goes against all normal rules then you have to be prepared for a looong struggle.
But we'll carry on!

Some days we are extremely happy, some days we are pretty sad (well actually Jenny is very happy EVERY day, because she is still so relieved to have been released from constantly participating in the ridiculous, stressfull world of the "entertainment industry" and all it's lies).

And Me?... there are often days that I REALLY miss just being on a stage, spewing weird wisdom and playing real Pagan musick for YOU, it's what I do best in life... but the peace and quiet of this simpler life we lead now is necessary for us to complete our quest (after which we will see each other again!)

There!... That was my update for YOU
Now I must get back into the kitchen because I am baking a buckwheat bread in the wood oven and I need to check it ;-)

The autumn slowly turns to winter, though the spring flowers still bloom
The world of humans is insane and stressed
The World of OMNIA is relaxed and groovy

Greenthingz my friends!
(I'll try to keep you updated from time to time)
Shaman Steve Sic and Happy Jenny

PS: The picture you see has nothing to with this blog, I took it a couple of months ago in a pool in Hrvatska, but I liked it too much not to use it here