Happy Lughnasadh!

1 Aug 2020

Listen to our song LUGHNASADH
Close your eyes, Drift away to a time when the whole world resonated to the rythms of the Earth
and give thanx to the powers that make up the Natural world...

Today we celebrate our Celtic ancestral God Lugh!
The eternal power of the Sun
The gathering of the tribe,
The feeling we share about life and our gratitude to Nature

And also...

Finally part of our family has gotten through the new world (b)orders!
(I haven't seen my son for a year)
Now, together, we Feed the flames and set them dancing!

Hail the Sun and Hail to Life!

Greenthingz , Celebration and light the Fire of Life!
Jenny, Mum, Dad, Damien Raven and Steve Sic