Happy Lughnasadh!! another year come and gone and "I (still) Don't Speak Human"!

4 Aug 2013
I Don't Speak Human shirt

This weekend , as we are playing the one and only pure acoustic OMNIA PaganFolk in Holland and Germany, we will also release our NEW TEESHIRT!!! 
It's a special shirt release (printed on 100% black organic cotton) ... and ofcourse like all OMNIA stuff it was designed by a well paid commercial artist working for our record label... ME!! ;-).

This one is for all you weirdos out there who communicate better with animals and nature than with humans!... although all the production costs for an organic shirt are higher than for a normal one we have still chosen to keep the price the same as always (€15,-) because we still hate commercialism... We'll be selling the ALL NEW OMNIA "I Don't Speak Human" Tee Shirt and all our other new goodies at the OMNIA merchandise stand and in our webshop.

 Greenthingz and LIFE!!! Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA