Happy New Day!!!

1 Jan 2023

Today is a brand new day!!

Like every other day is a bright and grand new day...

A day to start (or continue) living your life the way YOU really want to!

As a large part of the world celebrates yet another fictional "new year", just as they celebrate and worship so many very silly, made-up things in this confusing prison world of disinformation and dictatorial propaganda that we have all been born into, we rest easy and in peace here on our mountain.

We had no loud, polluting (CO2 pumping) fireworks to disturb nature and stress out all the peacelovers and animals here; our mountain remained silent and dark, we are far away from all that man-made idiocy...

The forest lies quiet outside on New year's day,

The only thing to disturb the peace is the ever present, never stopping, always pumping, toxic vapour planes that shit out their daily dose of chemicals into the sky to poison and control the weather in a "military like campaign" for king Charles and his WEF buddies... what more proof could you need that chemtrails are real, when you see them flying at exactly the same frequency as a "normal working day" during super holidays like christmas day and even now on new year's day itself.

But here on TERRA OMNIA all is love, all is peace, as we think of all our loved ones who cannot be here with us in our paradise of freedom.

As we think of all the poor people who have become so much sadder and poorer (and sicker) since the war on Nature has gone into overdrive.

We think with sadness about all our poor deluded friends who so desperately wanted to believe what their governments' influencers told them that they all got the poison shot for fear of influenza
(and tried to shame, threaten and force us into getting them too).

We are especially sad for all those sad sad cases that have gotten massive health complications and life-threatening chronic sicknesses because of the experimental poison shot they voluntarily took.

And we are even more sad for those most pityfull of all of our friends, the poor brainwashed lost sheep that got REALLY sick after the poison shots and STILL BELIEVE that all their problems have  something to do with a fictional pandemic called "covid" ... it's heart breaking really...

But still, WE send our love and our energy to ALL of you out there on this beautifull new day.

Of course to all the healthy truthers and "conspiracy theorists" out there....Keep up the good work guys & girls! Stay strong! Never give up, never surrender!

And to all the sick and getting sicker vaxx victims: There are ways to clean up your body and get rid of the poison in your system, research it and DO IT if you want to live a healthy life!

And We hope that all of you out there WAKE UP to the false reality you have been pushed into and work together to save all our children from the dark present and even darker future that has been prepared for them by the pure EVIL of the demonic rulers of this world and their loyal legions, the fearfull and egocentric blind masses that obey their every command.

Love and Greenthings Stenny

*It is now logically the 1st day of the 11th month...what did YOU think SEPTember=7, OCTOber = 8, NOVEMber = 9 and DECEMber = 10 meant? That's why time differences in "leap years" always get resolved at the end of February, just before the "New Year" starts on the 1st of March... Just one more of the million 'facts' about this world that do not make sense and have only seriously lame explanations...