Happy New Year everybody!

1 Mar 2023

Wow! Here we are again! A whole year has been and gone...
The snow and ice are still here but (hopefully) spring will be allowed to start anew soon!

Yes we realise that all of you 'celebrate' a 'new year' between December (the 10th month) and January... but that is merely another mind-fuck party made up and organised by the military parasites who rule you all, to keep you distracted and unaware.

"They" know that the factual first month of the year is March, which is dedicated and named after "MARS" the cultist God of war.
Because army-marching time is when the real (royal) year starts.
Of course it needs a big elitist ritual on the first full moon
(because yes, they are a bunch of evil cultists)
which this year will be the crowning of a new "Lizard King", Charly the turd.
I expect that the parasites will also try to unleash some new horror story on the plebs during this year's war-month.
But I hope we can all laugh about it together on April 1st!

We wish you all a great New Year,
wake up and really try to understand your world!
It's a lot more interesting than you have been taught...

(or do you really all STILL believe in 'democracy theories'?)

Greenthingz & warm hugs!