Happy New Year everybody! (Sowing the seeds of Love)

22 Mar 2024

The Equinox of Spring is here!
The days are longer than the nights,
the seedlings have awoken,
the birds sing their most precious love songs

..everyone and everything is just bursting with new life!

Fed by the all nourishing, all energising, all powerfull SUN!

The Sunlight is getting stronger and not just because it's spring...it's warmer and more energizing than it was last year, and the year before!
The carbon dioxide is alive and multiplying because of the extra energy.

This is a very good thing  :-)

The world we live in is getting greener each year!
There is a massive "greening effect" going on all over the realm you and I live in because the force of  Life is getting stronger, no matter what the UN slavemasters throw at us...

Life is stronger!

Stronger than they are... (and they know it)
they fear it!
They fear what will happen when Nature is running at full power (because right now, it's not yet)

the earth is awakening,

we don't fear the sun,

it's not gonna burn us,

it will make the plants grow to immense size and strength

the heat will only be bad in devestated, unforested areas like big cities and deserts ...
the rest of the world will only profit ... life needs massive amounts of CO2 and Sun-energy...
like a beautifull vibrant rain forest.

the seas won't rise when the sea-ice melts, that's physically impossible.
oh yeah...and the polar bears are still doing fine! (where they're not being poisoned or shot)

It's a New Year!
Nature is awake!

and so are we...

We have sowed our first seeds,
yesterday we celebrated in the way of "our culture",
so we made a sacrifice to the land and the wildling people who live here,

Feather and fur, claw and mandible, wing and flipper, the frogs sing and lay a million eggs in our pond, the birds and bugs arrive from far and wide, the songs of life ring out through the vast forest...

We are doing fine, curing our NWD (New World Disorder)
In peace, secluded from the world of madness, we see what they cannot..
we have time to think, we have time to be still, we have time to listen to the slow pulse of life and to question the plants, the elements and our own bodies...

we are finding answers

I dearly hope that YOU who are reading this also have a place to really be alive, no wifi/techno, no complicated psychological mindgames, no overload of pointless distractions...

just real life... the covenant between YOU and NATURE.

where you can communicate with the life-force that is awakening.

We all only have just ONE life,
choose wisely what you do with it this coming year!

The world order cult has just embarked on another 4 year cycle of moons filled with mayhem,
that new campaign starts officially with the upcoming full moon ... that's next week.

I hear it's going to be a red one ...

that means that on this most holy of holy days
it's going to be a VERY powerfull one!
(great time if you happen to want to do some serious spellcasting, btw)

I certainly will, otherwise it's just the bad guys playing around with their evill bullshit...

I presume most of the major religions connected to the cult are doing exciting things around now,

interesting times lay ahead!

But we are ready for it,
with a song in our hearts and a smile on our lips!
(...and a loaded staff in our hands)

Life is good when you have found your place in it.


Hugs, Love, freedom and REAL music!
to all who can still remember... and to all who can still think...

Happy New Year!
Stenny, Crt and the chickens @ Terra Omnia