Happy NewYear everybody!

2 Mar 2022

I’m a little late (it was yesterday) but I was too busy “celebrating” the upcoming year!

What’s that you say? “New year is in January?”
Well I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you there, unless you can explain to me what happened to the names of these months…

September (means 7th month in Latin)
October (means 8th month in Latin)
November (means 9th month in Latin)
December (means 10th month in Latin)

so that makes January the 11th month and February the 12th month!
Furthermore, any recalculation and correction of the years’ days (as in a “leap year”) to adjust the extra 1/4 day each year, always happen on the last day of the last month of the year which in our case is February.

March is the first month of the new year according to the Cabal, it is traditionally the month when it’s possible for the Armies of oppression to march to war again.

Your view of the calendar is false and does not represent reality
(a “new year” starts on the very first glimmerings of spring…not in the middle of bloody winter.)

This is just one tiny fact in the MANY discrepancies in the information you have received since birth, which make up what YOU call “reality”

As I have mentioned often to you over the years…
We are all living in a LIE of made-up facts… Nothing “official” is true

(Nothing that you have been taught in school or what you have learned from the established media), because all this information has been supplied, enforced and pushed by the enslavers.

The Cabal of evil Assholes and the true rulers of this world that they serve DO know most of the actual facts of our forced enslaved existence …
That’s why THEY keep meeting and planning the next big move for the coming year on NEW YEARS DAY namely: the first of March
(they just did it again)

You are being fucked constantly and your TRUST has been misused and misplaced for as long as you live…

Please, don’t believe the fucking hype my friends, what is happening now is just the next step in the Master plan for the so-called “great fucking reset”

Panic, Terror and Confusion is what THEY want from YOU, that’s what they have been serving up for as long as YOU live and long before!… BLIND FAITH IN THE GOVERNMENTS AND THE CONTROLLED MEDIA  is what they force onto you.

I realise that writing any TRUTH on the internet is not really going to reach many people,
because (apart from all the censorship) most people out there have been turned into mind controlled zombies that really have no idea at all what is actually going on anymore…
They are (and always have been) simple little slaves who believe anything that “the authorities" tell them.

The chances of meeting or talking to another individual out there in zombie land who is truly AWAKE is very very tiny indeed (EVEN LESS chance than dying from the fictional “covid influenza)

But still I need to try because it’s my job as a Shaman and because I have NEVER intentionally lied to YOU …
I still have a tiny spark of hope that I can awaken just a few more people than the ones we have already done over the years.

Hope springs eternal!  (OMNIA means “Everything” and “Hope/Wish”)

And now as the medical/shame terror narrative loses it’s usefulness at an increasing rate, as the scale of the enormous damage that is being caused by the weaponised mass injections is slowly leaking into the “mainstream media”, it has become time to introduce the next terror campaign.
An ever-popular one which uses much more lethal weaponry turned on civilians…

Now the terror campaign takes the form of a full on Hollywood-style war which is being orchestrated by the Cabal to dumb you down even more.
(even using clips from movies and computer games presented as “real footage” to accentuate to “news stories” as they appear)

It’s fucked up..but

This is STILL NOT the REAL issue,
Not Islamic terrorists taking over the world,
Not fake pandemics taking over the world,
Not planned and bought Wars taking over the world.

The issue is still basically ONE thing, One uber-organisation to control THE WORLD with many different faces which has our entire society by the balls and keeps on squeezing because they own almost everything and basically hate us and want us all to suffer, give up and die. Leaving only mind controlled slaves and their masters on this world.

(or at least that is the only reason I can see for these people who already own almost everything to keep on stamping on the soft, stupid, gullible and DIVIDED idiots that are all that is left of our once free people)


Constantly and from every angle
Nothing is what is seems to be in your world, society is being run (down) by a group of dangerously psychotic and extremely evil people who actually ENJOY the extremes of pain and suffering in the cattle  they “own” (YOU).
It supplies them with energy and is a form of “worship” and “sacrifice”  to the deities they believe in.
Possibly you have picked up some rumours of “baby-killing, child-raping elite who worship demonic gods”?… well I’m afraid to say, they are true (I won’t supply too many details because I don’t want to end up hanging from a doorknob as yet another “celebrity suicide”)(and boy oh boy, are there MANY!).

So the privileged scumbags responsible for all this disgusting shit are morally and physically beyond anything you can imagine and as long as you keep believing that “everything is functioning normally” you can kiss this reality and the lives of ALL future generations goodbye.

So let’s get predictive (again). I told you what would happen if the dumb corona panic was kept up…. so it happened as planned, liberties were removed, a new system of control (and soon finance) was installed.
So now for my Next fucking “conspiracy theory”, how about this:

On top of the present oppression this will happen:

“The Internet partly collapses due to “Terrorist cyber attacks”

and then:

“Devaluation and collapse of your local currency by yet more “Terrorist cyber attacks”  blamed on one of the “usual suspects” by the mass media.

followed by:

“Mass poverty, starvation, bigger riots and social unrest”

which leads to:

“Civil war”

which will lead to even yet more riot police, tanks, soldiers and the highly dubious “mysterious unmarked soldiers” arriving in UN airplanes

who together will:

“assist governments against domestic rightwing terrorist attacks” to "restore ORDER"

which leads to…

OK I think I’ve fucked up your day enough with all this “bullshit conspiracy theory nonsense”
Let’s just see what happens, shall we?
I will hopefully be proven wrong

(although…up to now, this hasn’t happened yet!)

Please open your eyes and WAKE the fuck UP!!

Greenthingz and “only LOVE conquers the Demon”
Shaman Steve Sic

PS: Here’s a Question:
What’s the difference between a “Conspiracy Theory” and an accepted “Fact”?
About six months

PPS: Here’s a nice quote for you to think about from one of your better informed ancestors:
“An Army bayonet is an Elitist weapon with an exploited peasant on each end of it”