Happy spring song!

21 Apr 2019

Here's Jenny learning a new instrument in the sun (the wonderfull african Kora) and Yes you WILL hear it one day!

Thank YOU so much for giving us this chance to be free from stress for a while, so we can create again!
Money can be an arse of a slavedriver, I know... as a runaway teenager I learned to live in poverty, sleeping on the streets, stealing and begging for food. I have spent most of my younger life as a penniless Anarchist Proletarian... but then the Pagan musick moved me!

Since I met my soulmate Jenny and we became "OMNIA" together we have been able to live exclusively from our Art (but then again we don't need much 'cause we have each other).

And you know, every penny we have ever been lucky enough to earn has come directly from YOU!
We never sold out, there are no nasty corporate business sharks between you and OMNIA, getting a fat greasy share from your hard earned money.
It is YOU and YOU alone that makes this crazy Pagan life of ours possible!
So thank YOU from the bottom of our fuzzy green hearts!

Hugz and NatureLove!

Ps: Well... when I say YOU, of course I mean those of YOU that have actually bothered to go to our OMNIA webshop or merchstand to buy something from OMNIA instead of just downloading it all for free ....
And seriously? When I see the amount of OMNIA views on the web, that's not a very large percent, otherwise I would now be writing this blog on a bigscreen computer in my huge private luxury 6wheel drive survival truck and not on an old smartphone from the back of my secondhand van.

Pps: so... to those of YOU that HAVE actually contributed to our physical wellbeing by supporting us, we thank you EVEN MORE!!

Ppps: if anyone is starting to feel guilty at this moment our webshop can be found on our "worldofomnia" homepage where you may find instant absolution of your sins!