Have a very Happy Midwinter! (Veseli zimski solsticij!)

20 Dec 2022

I hope you have the chance to enjoy the awesome beauty of Nature, wherever you are,
just as we are drinking in the stunning scenery and the daily indescribable joy of our home above the clouds.
We feel blessed everyday to have ended up here... surrounded by so much LIFE and pure peace ...

The valleys around us are drowned in a thick freezing mist right now, pooped by many many chemical spraying airplanes, but we have cleared the air somewhat with some good old fashioned love and magic!

And remember, when the days seem the shortest and the night is looooong and very dark...

it will get lighter... THAT is what we write music for ;-)

Stay strong, stay brave, stay independant!
And do NOT give in to the lies, fear, despair and hatred being spread on this sad broken inter-net.

Hugs and Good vibes