Health and Happiness :-)

22 Aug 2022

These are two of the fundamental "drives" for all good people on this world ... Health and Happiness; the state of one is dependant on the other and vice versa and without them it's hard to have a complete and fullfilling life.

So let's talk about Health:
Health comes form many things, but it starts with what you put into your body, as Hippocrates said "Let food be your medicine" (like our wonderfull Terra Omnia homegrown and cooked organic food on this picture )
Since Jenny and me have been living a more Natural, balanced life of peace and reason we have of course adopted an ever more healthy lifestyle, getting back to the real roots of what it means to be an optimally functioning creature on this miraculous world (or at least trying!)...

...which turned out to be a lot trickier than we thought at first!

Because we came to realise through the last two and a half years of research that "being healthy" means:

FIRST getting rid of ALL the poisonous Toxins of the pharmaceutical mafia that have been pumped into our bodies for most of our life, which essentially block any kind of full body/mind "Health".

PLUS staying very alert and avoiding being contaminated with even more toxic poisons being forcibly pushed by your (any) local government acting with WHO for the "pharmaceutical industry"  (ie: so-called PCR test, "covid- vaccines", forced quarantines, slave-masks and other toxic materials disguised as "medicine" that are being forced onto a gullible and naive population...and that's not even mentioning what the radiation towers and airplanes are vomiting into our living enviroment)

During our research for information about REAL health and cures and good life-habits that have been discovered and invented by talented and gifted healers, doctors and researchers throughout the ages, we were lucky enough to find some bits of information still available on websites and in books that haven't been destroyed by the Parasite propaganda and censor machine, yet. (more about that later)

Apart from all the astounding technological discoveries into the true mysteries of our universe and it's electrical energy, groovy Sun and Moon, Ionic energies etc. we started finding the most miraculous stories about genius researchers and doctors with a love for Nature and her ways who (re)discovered wonderfull cures and preventives to help combat dis-ease...

Natural remedies like the wonders of simply using the healing powers of carbon dioxide and bicarbonated soda, the mysterious healing powers of clean water, the amazing techniques to clean out your own liver of toxic-stones, the miracles of Tummo breathing (as used by people like Wim Hof) the power of posture , meditation and yoga... wow!

So much good stuff!

Sounds great eh?

but ... eh... does it all work?

Well... according to what is now laughingly called "the science" and all those evil little propaganda-web fuckers called "fact checkers" none of these things are real,
none of them are true,
all these so-called serious researchers are quacks, dreamers and charlatans,
according to them there is but ONE GOD and his name is "THE SCIENCE"...
ie: science = whatever the world banks and the richest people who sell the poisons say it is...

But, this confused us, because it all seems so real, so

Well, there's only one way to find out if these techniques are true or not... that is to try it all!

So We tried ... oh how we tried!

Stenny re-learning how to Breathe properly
Stenny re-learning how to eat and chew properly
Stenny re-learning how to "cleanse" our own internal organs
Stenny re-learning how to balance our internal electric energy
Stenny re-learning the power of vibration and wavelength

and fuck me sideways!...  it all works really well!

I mean REALLY well!

So what the fuck is going on?

We are getting amazing results on every one of those so called "pseudoscientific snakeoil techniques"!

Yet all these wonderfull healing techniques, that have been widely and succefully used by millions of people at some time in our twisted history have disappeared from "common knowledge"...
disappeared from medical practice... disappeared from medical school training...  just... somehow... forgotten?

All these remedies and preventives that are really simple, cheap and effective and which you can often do or make yourself with just a little help (as you would expect on such a marvellous world as this one)...

where did they go?

ALL were somehow "mysteriously forgotten" by mainstream medical "knowledge"

then re-discoverd!

but disappeared again

and re-discovered!

and lost again..

and again...


why do miracle cures keep getting "forgotten" or "lost"?  

but all the dangerous, toxic and poisonous medicines that kill people stay and multiply?


a strange pattern started to emerge in all these hard to find stories of healing and wisdom.

All these wonderfull people, had once had great success, but once they got too succesfull or influential and started to negatively influence the profit and destruction machine of the rockefeller/bayer/GSK/medimonster industry, they were attacked and had their reputations destroyed by the corporate octopus of Media, Medical industry and Governmental health agencies.

The "authorities" (ie: the paid thugs of the parasites) destroyed their works, burned their books and defamed their characters, their research and their results ...

This story happens again and again and again

... even if the researchers who published their finds were highly educated medical university professors, trained long term professionals or gifted amateurs that had dedicated their entire lives to helping others for free AND had managed to cure thousands of people.

It mattered not if the results could be proved by indepent researchers..

They ALL had to go... they were buried... on purpose!

Because If you do not support the current medical narrative and it's ultimate plan,
then you have to be silenced...
nobody is allowed to fuck with the parasites and their made up world of LIES AND LAWS.
(sound familiar at all?)

Most of these brave and brilliant pioneers, who's only crime was to love to help their fellow man and show the true powers of Nature, died pennyless and ridiculed...

Some even died in Jail (especially in the so called "land of the free").

This has been going on for a long long time, even before the thrice-cursed "Rockefeller institute" started creating and dictating influential medical schools, huge hospitals and elitist universities to sell petro-chemical preventive "vaccins" and other harmfull substances disguised as "medicines" to "cure diseases".

Fun fact: the Rockefeller institute did this enormous and ambitious "philantropic work" of medical mind control by "donating" and starting schools in various nations and filling them with their own "teachers" using their own books and supporting only their own agenda, especially during the early 1900's in the united states of america, the united states of europe and the united states of china ... to name but three little countries that are dominated by their twisted view on "medicine" and "health")

... yup, that's true...THEY paid for YOUR schools and yes... it's still happening today.

Why? you may ask...

Well, You see... If you think like a power mad dictator ... It's a wise choice.

If someone can actually cure the people from the toxins released into their poisoned world of industrial scale pollution, if someone can really make them strong and healthy again,
then the people's minds may clear up enough for them to start to wonder why there is such a thing as a "ruling class"?


They might wonder how this is possible in a so called "democracy"?


if the parasites make sure every human on the planet is sick, weak, stressed and confused for the duration of his or her entire life, from "cradle to grave" then you can be a happy despot because you now own a giant mass of confused, docile, weak slaves that have no will or personal power and are then very very easy to control.

Yes... that is basically the world YOU now live in. Recognise it yet?

George Orwell's 1984 was just a little made up story to program you.
The reality is much much worse...

We have all been taught that modern hospitals and doctors are the very best you can expect in this modern enlightend age of technology to help you when you are sick and to keep you healthy ...

Even most doctors believe this themselves

But, if that's true, then why is everybody getting sicker?

We came across more and more "mysterious mistakes" being made by Government agencies worldwide in promoting heavily poisonous toxins as "safe and effective" (especially for children!)  while banning natural remedies that actually work on the grounds of "Quackery" and "misleading the public"  ... this goes for nearly every dis-ease imaginable!

again and again

and the world gets sicker and sicker...  

and the medical industry monster grows fatter and more powerfull on your pain

while there are really A LOT of effective simple cures to almost any dis-ease or dis-balance in your body
(what are called "symptoms of disease" are mostly your own bodies reactions trying to get rid of all the toxic poisons that have been released into your system through your polluted enviroment)

But somehow none of the real cures are allowed to be used

Somehow people are being fed poison as food and drink,

Somehow people are being given toxic substances as "cures"

Somehow people are being given diseased filth and chemical poisons as "vaccins" to "prevent" worse

The simple cures and physical facts about the human body and how it functions keep getting "forgotten"...


Fuck no!

There's a fucking war going on, right now!

Look up in the sky... you think that fuzzy grey shit up there is NATURAL!?

Do YOU still believe all that Carbon Dioxide, which is a natural gas neccessary for all life on earth is causing all those weird weather events?

Do YOU still believe that Nature is trying to kill us all though invisible, theoretical, little non-organisms , without a pulse, a brain, a heartbeat or a cell structure called a "virus"?

Maybe you should wake up to the fact that he parasites are trying to kill us and our world, for real... get used to it... understand it... then deal with it.

I know it sounds like fantasy, but really ... this is the truth as we have come to see it... things are not what they seem.

Look... really LOOK objectively into the history of modern medicine...
they are trying to make us weak so we can't resist, they are killing us

Look into the history of social politics...
they are trying to make us weak so we can't resist, they are killing us

So Sic, tell me who are these bloody "parasites" you are talking about? (I hear you say)

Well kids, The parasites are those that own Blackrock / Vanguard/bullshit corp. which are the holding companies for all the stolen property in the world, which has been taken from us and our ancestors, they are the "military industrial banking complex" that has pirated your world.
(only the very obvious Old Royalty, Billionaire "philantropists" and other muppets are known to be a working part of them...but the REAL leaders are probably unknown)

I have no idea who is really lurking behind the WEF, WHO, WTF etc.
I don't even know if they are human like us (but I'm seriously starting to doubt it!)

BUT... I DO know one thing... that They are EVIL and that They have a plan...

This plan has been going on for some time now ...

We are being ruled en masse ... (not just in YOUR country, but in ALL countries)
"one world without borders"

There is totalitarian control by "Parasites" that are feeding off of your pain and confusion.
and they tell you you suffer "for the greater good"

They need to destroy our individuality, as people, as cultures, as countries.
To "divide and conquer"

And they need to destroy everything Natural inside our bodies, our minds, our spirit and inside our part of the world.
For a new "transhuman, digital society"

They don't make mistakes... things are not "forgotten" by them

They are very very good at what they do...(they've been doing it for a while)

It's not a mistake that Hospitals and doctors harm and kill more people than they save (even though the doctors and nurses don't realise it)

It's not a mistake that free "Polio-vaccins" cause "polio like diseases with a different name" to erupt in native populations paralysing and killing hundreds of thousand of children worldwide each year.

It's not a mistake that the Rona-bullshit has caused more harm, pain, fear, long-term drawn out suffering and death than a whole fucking worldwar...

This has been their intention all along, DO YOU UNDERSTAND YET?

And anyone who has blindly followed and trusted these faceless institutes just because "the doctor or nurse seemed so nice" or "the government told me to" or "They said it was for the greater good"

has been fooled ... BIG TIME

(like the fools who still call themselves medical practitioners while supporting the petro-chemical death industry).

I have personally seen both my parents killed in hospital by the medical mafia

I have personally seen both my children get poisoned to suffer lifelong disabilities and traumas by the medical mafia

I have personally been maimed, traumatised and disabled by the harmfull, murderous, blind, stupid medical industry monster that threw out the FIRST oath of hippocrates "Do NO Harm".

Germ theory sucks,
Terrain theory rules!

Paracelcus was a dick (aswell as a fucking freemason). Vaccines have NEVER worked.

And WE are only now starting to relearn what our personal health and mental /body power really means!

So... that was what I wanted to say about Health

I hope you are still reading at this point... wow that was long haul eh?

Jenny and me NEVER took a toxin shot, we NEVER took a fake polluted "pcr-test", we don't wear a slave-mask, because we are informed and we are FREE.

We DO NOT COMPROMISE our beliefs, we DO NOT VIOLATE the sanctity of our bodies and minds with all the evil parasite pollutions.
(we allow neither poisoned 'medicines' nor genetic lab grown, processed 'new foods' etc., nor toxic water from city taps to enter our bodies)

And I can assure you that we are both a damn sight healthier than most of those poor sick deluded trusting monkeys out there...

And I would strongly advise YOU to educate yourself and do the same if you wish to be healthy, because that will lead to your ultimate happiness (Happiness is something I will write about in another blog because this rant has gone on waaaaay too long and I still need to do a lot of shamanic-art work today to combat those chem-skies that are trying to kill this years crops! ***)

Greenthingz and HEALTH! WASSAIL!

Shaman SteveSic

***ps: Do any of YOU out there have any personal experience or information about working with ORGONE energy in conjunction with weather? (ie: dr Reich's original cloudbuster techniques)? If you do, please mail me through our contacts page so we can connect.