Hey Audience!!! PLEASED TO MEET YOU!!

7 Aug 2013
Hey Audience!!! PLEASED TO MEET YOU!!

We've been seeing and listening to a lot of YOU these past mad days... we've travelled thousands of miles to bring our acoustic PaganFolk musick to as many of YOU as possible on two different continents on three beautiful festivals! Faerieworlds, Castlefest and MPS... wow!...

why do we do this?... because it's just what we do... it's a little tiring (jetlag and such) but OH SO WORTH IT!... And ..really ... We are always AMAZED at the lengths some of you go to , to come and see an OMNIA live-show:

"we came all the way from northern canada to see you"
"we had a four day road-trip to come here!"
"I travelled from southern florida to meet you"
"we come from Spain..ola!"
"we travelled from turkey to see you"
"we travelled from austria to hear omnia"
"WE come over from england to hear you live!"

so many of you... gathered together is a wonderous sight... be it Oregon, Germany, Holland... so many people, but the same faces everywhere... one thought, one feeling of earth-spirit... it's awesome! YOU might not realise it , but there are masses of people just like YOU out there!, it's true , I meet them all the time... somehow, in this world of mad monkeys WE are all TOGETHER...  Focus on the small things, the precious things in life... be free.

Greenthingz Shaman Steve Sic...

(pic by Kees!)