17 Dec 2019

No this pic isn't home! it's a hotel

You see we're on the ROAD home...

We had to go North to the Dutch flatlands to visit family, friends and to fix some "money and bureaucratia business" stuff...

After months of blissfull natural peace living and travelling below the Alps, it was quite bloody shocking to be back among the massed millions of poor polluted North-western Europe!!

After an enlightening , slightly scary but ultimately usefull and emotionally fullfilling stay in the North (where we met our nearest and dearest as well loads of fans and friends) we can now finally make the long journey south

We really can't wait to get back to that special OMNIA Clan-land in the wild forested hills of Slovenia!

We May have a few more weeks of waiting to do before we can officially call it ours...
to us it already feels like we are finally going HOME!

Stenny et OMNIA