20 Jan 2019

Today was a proper frosty fresh crispy crunchy day in the forest, the winter sun bore down like wave of life onto a scene of sparkling awesomeness filling us with joy. We saw three beautifull deer gracefully bound off into cover of the thickets at our clumsy approach (the first we've seen here in more than a year!) A Hawk swooped down and made a kill right in front of us! and at home, hundreds of birds are prowling around in gangs all around our house, enjoying our gifts of food and drink.

Life will always find a way and every new day is sacred... Just because the world seems to be roundly fucked, there's no need to let the mass confusion and very popular depression get to you.

Find joy in the REAL thingz in life,
Nothing lasts forever, and that's ok


We're now floating away on waves of musick with a nice cuppa tea and a fire... hmmmm

So what beauty or hope did YOU see in Nature lately?

Greenz and hope eternal