How much stuff do we really need? (Packing the Stennystudio part:1)

17 Jul 2019

We're packing up all our belongings to put into storage untill we find a new home... we're gonna be homeless for a while because we've sold our safe little house in the forest, and we are now embarking on a life of adventure on the road; yeah! ;-)
But first... we have to pack up all our "belongings"
But when you come to look upon all the crap that you have collected over the years, we find ourselves wondering:
"How much do we actually NEED to live?"

We've realised that so much of our possessions are actually just pointless burdens or anchors to times and previous lives that have no meaning to the life we live today.

Your possesions give you responsibility...

Do YOU ever think about the balance between "the satisfaction of having" compared with "the worry of losing" stuff?

We have decided to do away with most of our "useless" or "pointless" things! Hahaar! Brave decisions! No mercy! Chuck that crap away!
Sometimes it's very hard to decide... erm... especially with our humungous collection of books!
As you know, next to our love of Nature and Musick we're really passionate about books and spend a large part of our life reading.

But sacrifices must be made!

We're "de-stuffing" our life and trimming it back to the basics...

Have any of YOU done this?

Greenthingz and simple life