How to survive the 3rd World War

9 Apr 2023

(while staying comfortably happy and relaxed)

So here we are,
2023, a time of World War.
Battlefields, weaponry and death are being sponsored and enthusiastically encouraged.
Nature and all that is Natural is being enslaved, polluted and tortured to death.
The parasites now control the weather, "natural" geo-distasters and the tiny-minds of the masses.
There is a HUGE unreported over-death worldwide caused by the clot-shots etc.
Bond-villains like Schwab, Gates, Charly the turd, Soros and the WEF are all gloating and salivating from their repeated success.

Things seem to be looking pretty bleak huh?

And YOU seem to be the only person in your direct enviroment who knows about it... right?

So, What do you do?

How do you keep from going insane or getting terminally depressed?

I get this question sometimes and it's a very important one!

So maybe now is a good time to give an answer here on this page:

Yes it's true that it's very hard as a sane, thinking, intelligent person to remain mentally stable
while drowning in a sea of foolish sheep who "BAAAH" and "bend over" as they are told to...

The enormous rise in suicides worldwide since the Corona indoctrination-domination started, is a testament to this sad and shocking state of affairs...

This "depression of intelligence" is like yet another man-made disease...

So... how does Stenny keep from knotting a pretty hangman's noose (first knot I ever learned to tie) and chucking it over a firm branch of one of our many trees to "dance the Hemp fandango" to the end, because life has been turned into such a giant barrel of poop filled with drowning, conspiracy-denying idiots?

Well here are some tips to fortify you...


Like with any disease, You need to stop the inflow of harmfull mental and physical toxins and parasites as soon as possible.

For this,I would strongly recommend that you get the fuck away from the poisonous city  that is crushing your body and soul and "just be" for as much time as possible in an area where there is still a bit of Natural healing Life left.

Your hands and your "inner self" are much happier when they are stuck in the wholesome life-sustaining Earth than when they are enslaved to stroking a soul-sucking keyboard.

And Do NOT believe anything or anyone who gives you "information", "opinions" or "entertainment" through mainstream channels!

If it is in any way connected to mainstream television, government, movies, video-games, music business, mass marketing or other mass-media indoctrination, it is basically weaponised information and is 100% controlled media and will NEVER tell you the whole truth or make you free...

they are all just distractions from truth and whips of fear to drive you with...

Avoid this shit and it will keep your imagination and your heart aligned to what is real and important.


How to deal with the "other people"

I know that the blind cattle are supporting and actively helping very VERY bad things like war and mutilation as they shut their eyes and comply... I know it hurts

And yes, I get a little angry at them too sometimes, because they spread so much hatred, fear and death and have crushed so many lives in their eager ignorance.

I realise that they made YOUR personal/social life a hell and they possibly took your job or made it impossible for you to work.
(It happened to us as well)

They marginalised you just for wanting to be naturally healthy without toxic chemicals bought from billionaires,

They discriminate you for still knowing the difference between a man and a woman,

They attack you for not wanting to support the evils of war and the destructive global weapons industry,

They ridicule you for being worried about digital slave currencies, digital slave societies and digital minds...

I know they fucked YOU around for your beliefs and opinions
(unless YOU were one of the ones doing the "fucking" of course... in that case, shame on yourself and read on...)

But remember, no matter how hard it is,
to always try to be a little compassionate towards those poor deluded souls,
do not let their Hatred, Blindness and their Fear consume you!

And be glad that YOU are not one of the:

(deep intake of breath, long sentence coming up)
Angry, mask-wearing, asleep-woke, sheeple herd pumped full of higly dubious weaponised "vaccine" (hahahahahaha), righteously waving their fucking Ukrainian gun-selling distraction-flags around while proudly protecting the rights of sexual perverts to use ridiculous pronouns, and encouraging the mass-mutilation of children's genitals, all the while pretending to be something that they are quite obviously NOT, because yeah, Y-chromosomes and stuff...
(phew! that's a bloody long one!... almost finished!... draw a quick breath for the last bit)
...who are all steadily dying off or getting sick from blood-clot-related injuries,
while having
no free will,
no critical path ananalysis
no un-programmed-opinions
and most importantly

(end of sentence, you can relax and stop concentrating on that last bit now)

So rejoice in your "underground" status and when you are confronted by the maddened crowds of fanatic wokers, weffers, warhawks , "science-heads" and vaxxers,
just stay chill, smile, nod, smile again and get the fuck out of there as quickly as possible! :-)

And keep questioning what's going on!

This will keep your mind aligned to what is real and important.

...keep it simple...

Real life, and real enjoyment comes from the little things, not from the hyped "must haves"

Most of OUR Stenny life has been made up of touring around the world, going to strange and (sometimes very) exotic places, travelling, performing, travelling, experiencing, always travelling... but really... In the end,
What did we see?

Mostly Illusions

Now we have a real place to "just be" ourselves in,
we feel no need to roam the world anymore.
We have not left our own TERRA OMNIA for more than a day in over 3 years now... and it feels GREAT!

Now we travel inside the details,
we see what lives around us,
we try to understand,
to feel,
to notice the hidden things...
and I can honestly say that now we know MUCH more about life and how it functions...

Just from standing still and looking around on the same spot we have learned more about LIFE than we did in ALL those years of obsessive touring and travelling.

And we make better music because of it,
even though only the wild animals and Črt can hear it!

we did just record something new...
A piece we wrote called

"Only Love...Can tame the Demon"

Maybe we will release it some day ...

Don't know when or how...

because you see

we are not commercial

life is not commerce

we just "ARE"


We own EVERYTHING we need (ie: OMNIA)

so we are Happy


Happiness lives inside your head and your heart

Try looking there sometime and see what you can find!

Greenthingz and Simple Hugs from TERRA OMNIA
Steve Sic, Jenny and the Črt

ps: that rainy day came quickly eh?
Now, as the rain comes down around our house and the Ravens happily and loudly dissect a tasty corpse on our "front lawn"
I'm off to write some letters and philosophy with a real pen!
speaking of which...
exchanging letters with like-minded people is also a great "soul" therapy!
They can bring you joy and wonder in unexpected ways,
like when you receive something like the beautifull portrait in this blog,
painted for me by one of my new pen pals Julia... merci

pps: sorry about the chaotic nature of this blog, I went a little beserk and wrote half a bloody book, so I just re-edited it to a much shorter version and will publish the bits I cut in another blog sometime ;-)