Independent Man

13 Dec 2020

It’s hard to remain independent and freespirited while living in a world where it is forbidden to work,
Many of our friends are (were) genuine freebirds, like ourselves, living on festivals and gatherings of freaky people getting together to celebrate life and love and Nature.
 The freaks and the weirdos, the people living a half life in fantasy worlds of their own making. Craftsmen and artisans selling their home made wares from travelling stands, Musicians, Poets, Actors and Artists entertaining, enlightening and informing the people and setting the social dialogues, Cooks and caterers feeding the hungry, the festival organisers, the club, bar and restaurant owners, the thousands of work gangs, crews, technicians and security people…

All of them were independents, all of them had a good life, a good job, living from gig to gig as it were, not getting rich, but making ends meet and feeling the freedom of being your own boss or at most a freelance, but now none of them are allowed to work anymore… after thousands of years of civilisation, for the first time in history all the pubs are shut, all the festival grounds lie barren, all the laughter and music has ended.
And most of my friends are now up the brown and pongy creek without the proverbial rowing implement.

This is ofcourse not counting the millions upon millions of others who have been forced into unemployment and poverty by the ban on their work because their regular job is in some way social and connected to people.

In this day and age, through all the pomp and circumstance that has been created surrounding issues of quarantine and everlasting life, it seems like a war has been declared on all people who choose to live an unencumbered, unattached and free life.

All the weird ones, the wild ones, the people that feel different to the norm and who have a gift and a dream to share…

All the magical places where we could gather to drink, dance and be free…
All the extatic occasions where we could join hands and dream together…

They have all been forbidden…
and the freebirds have all been caged.

No matter how convincing the reasons for this situation might seem, I feel the method and longterm effect is really too harsh to justify…

It is truly hard to remain an Independant Man (or Woman) (or It) in this this day and age, but Hell Yeah! that doesn’t mean we don’t keep on trying!

What are YOU doing to keep your head above water?
Or do YOU have a steady job that pays out no matter what?
Stay free! Stay Sane!
Shaman Steve Sic