It is Done...

27 Oct 2017

After more than a year of Top Secret work, Jenny, myself and Christopher Juul have finished creating the most unique OMNIA CD ever!!
Actually this cd and the way it was created is unique in the entire music business (for real)

This is also THE LAST CD production that will EVER come out of Lava Studio 1 in Kopenhagen
Before it is torn down by rampant capitalism and bulldozers.

You will get the whole glorious story from us soon, but for now all you need to know for now is this:

1: It is done...
2: The experiment worked even better than expected...
3: we are totally knackered, smell like an ashtray soaked in coffee/whiskey and are heading back home to the forest...
4: the release date of this new baby will be next year, early spring

That's all for now!
Greenthingz and CELEBRATE!!!

Stenny et Chris and the Dinosaurs

Pic by The White Witch of Heilung