13 Aug 2013

Hey hey! How are you doing on this fine day in 2013? I'm doing great! thanx for asking (although my darling Jenny is a little ill at the moment... coughing and sniffing) Anyway, I got a moment to type now and I wanna talk to you about weapons, close combat and "the way of the sword"...

You see, Even though  I totally hate violence... I love swordfighting and martial arts! At heart  I am a peace loving individual with a very soft core ( yes really! ) I like nothing better than to laze in the sun with my love , completely "shanti" with no stress and 100% "Equilibrium" all around me...

BUT ...I live in a world of mutant monkeys... and sometimes people can make me really mad... like GRRR! mad!... unfairness and hypocrisy are all around... I get mad When people  hurt or betray my loved ones and close friends... I get mad when the various branches of government and the mass media fuck up and lie to me and YOU ... I get mad when people destroy nature....and even at festivals where we go to have fun and spread our message of change I can sometimes get mad when we have to endure stress caused by things like technological/equiptment problems, too many loud or ugly noises and sometimes we even have to endure small minded, unrealistic people who seem to hate us and our FREE ways... Life involving people and man-made things can make you crazy and without a doubt YOU have to deal with similar stuff like this aswell... Sometimes I feel like a volcano that's going to blow! and at those moments a bit of "sensible violence" can be really helpfull to make a difference for your state of mind! 

 That's why we always carry around a couple of swords in our OMNIA vans nowadays... No, not real steel swords... I keep  those at home... No, these are LATEX swords! (appaently there are chicks who like to play with rubber dicks? well... we are gents who like to play with rubber dick replace-ments!)
 With these latex weapons we can whack seven colours of shite out of each other in single combat... (without actually damaging each others and while having a great laugh at the same time!)  On the picture here I've got a high quality Calimacil Katana  supplied to me by my old gamesandchaos buddy Tijn of subcultures  (and Games n stuff ) 

 ... and this is not just any old piece of therapeutic rubber my friends!... no, this is the veritable "Hatori Hanso" of LARP swords!  (erm.. if you don't know what the words "Katana", "Hatori Hanso" and/or "LARP" mean.. then you've missed out on 1: great Bushido Art , 2: a great movie and 3: a fantastic way to play active games with some friends)

We have two of these babies now... and anytime that it looks as if Steve is going to explode due to the pressure of unfair and stupid humanity around him (when the smoke starts to pour from my ears poor little Steve gets pushed into the background of my psyche, leaving only a bloodthirsty "Sic" behind who then wants to scream a lot and destroy something... a bit like "the Hulk" actually, although less green) those dangerous moments before or after OMNIA shows , Daphyd simply hands me a sword and then starts hitting me real hard with the other one untill we are engaged in full happy melee combat! we keep this up untill we are out of breath , weeping with laughter and (most importantly) relaxed again!... how's that for therapy? ;-)   

Peace on earth! Live by the rubber sword!

Greenthingz on rubber wingz! 

Shaman SteveSic    
(picture by "the Bride")